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    Do you think its normal for me not to like society? I don't mean the people, but i'm just sick of all the useless shit. I just want to move out into the woods and be self reliant and live off the grid, my mom thinks its not normal, but shes so wrapped up in society I don't think she gets it, I just want to go live on my own homestead and get away from everything. So whats your opinion is this normal? Do you guys want to ever try this and what would you do if you had the opportunity to do this?
  2. it is a very dreamy idea, but being self-reliant is incredibly harder than most people seem to think. you really need a group of people--a small community--to successfully live "off the grid."
  3. Im quite sure most of us feel that way

    I wanna be forever alone on my own island
  4. Trust me iv'e been doing research for years, and that small group of people could also be referred to as family ;) but there are many places that will give you land if you start a small farm/homestead. Plus i'm really into bushcraft and being self reliant so I know a lot of things already I feel in a few years ill be ready to try it.
  5. Fuck society to hell. Get rich and smoke allot of weed.
  6. Save up the $ to buy a mid-size farm. Marry someone who knows farming/agriculture, and learn to supply yourself with everything you need. Wind and solar power can supply all of your electricity and you could raise all your own food (which would be much healthier than any alternative), and learn carpentry + plumbing to take care of your place. You're also going to need someone on your farm with medical training and the ability to tailor clothing, unless you're some sort of nudist.

    It's not easy to live on your own, cut off from society. I'm sure it's very rewarding though.
  7. ya that would be awesome, ive thought about this a lot.
  8. Well I don't mean COMPLETELY cut off from society haha, obviously I cant make everything I need, well I guess I could but I would need to buy some stuff like clothes and equipment. But by buying stuff I would be using cash, i wouldn't be going Amish or anything like that lol I would just not have any ties to sicety except maybe some receipts from tractor supply haha :p

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