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Is it me or is the media getting more positive?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by ACDCrocker, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. At least when it comes to marijuana...medical or recreational. I think we're really getting somewhere, because it seems like every week on MSN there's a new article on the front page that deals with marijuana in a positive light. I'm also see things on yahoo and cnn.

    I think it's great we're finally getting some good positive mass media attention. Although it kind of bugs me that just 3 months ago they were all the complete opposite (I personally can not trust the media at all), nonetheless it's a major step forward.
  2. yea i know what your saying, but it depends on the news company
    cnn of course is pro pot cuz their ceo Ted Turner smokes a huge fucking chonger everyday.

    fox news on the otherhand is pretty anti marijuana
    glen beck is a fucktard
  3. fox news is also hardcore conservative, you're right.
  4. I have no idea what it is but today especially with the fox videos, and the yahoo article, things feel so positive, maybe its just today tho:confused:

  5. [ame=]YouTube - Stiletto Stoners - Women Who Smoke Pot NBC Feature Article[/ame]


    EDIT: i may have found this through this site in which case I'm sorry for redundancy
  6. True this too^^ really interesting
  7. While I won't disagree with you that Glenn Beck is generally a blabbering retard. He is on our side on this issue.


    It is his one and only redeeming quality.
  8. There seems to be a huge Societal shift happening. I think we were near the breaking point for legalization.

    Everyone is putting out articles on legalization- Forbes, Time, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox, Fox News, ABC news, etc.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think marijuana has ever been talked about so openly in society than in these past two years. Even Obama had no problem saying that he smoked marijuana regulary !

  9. ive seen him argue against pot as well, but this is why i dislike him strongly.

    [ame=]YouTube - Glenn Beck: Marijuana Legalized & Taxed[/ame]

    Rob is a huge stoner and look how professional he is, while glen looks like a fucking druggie.
  10. Hmm.. i could see it being legalized in 4-8 years
  11. haha, based on your opinion of him I'm not sure that his being on our side is a good thing. :smoking:
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    I dunno dude I don't really see here where he argues against legalization. He just says he believes marijuana is bad for you but if you wanna smoke it, he doesn't care. He just doesn't believe that it should be legalized just for economic reasons it sounds like. He's more concerned about doing it for the violence reasons like in the video I posted.

    This being said, he's still a raging douchebag.

    Except for this.
  13. All we have to do is wait for alot of the politicians 60 and over to die, replace them with newer ones and i think that will be enough to get it legalized. It seems like people in generation Y (our generation late 70s to round 94') while im sure some dont think weed should be legalized most people who i have talked to who dont smoke while they have never considered doing it themselves know of people who do and arent really against it, so once we are fully in charge i think legalization is a sure think, and thats at the latest, earliest it wil be legal is 4years i think.
  14. what a fucking scum bag
  15. wat pissis me off dat marijuana is suppost to be this BAD gateway drug. its suppost to be illegal, the government spends billions of dollars a year to TRY to get drugs like marijuana off the streets. and now all of sudden the media is coming around and these crackers wanna CONSIDER to legelize it cuz they see PROFIT margins. thats all it is. profit. they figure hey, lets legelize it and make money of these ppl. world we live in....
  16. omg someone realised we live in america


  17. my fault
    its not in this video but i know ive seen it before
    i just put the vid up to show how hes an ass lol
    sorry i didnt make it too clear because im kinda blazed
  18. lol. well i say it now cuz there is more and more talks of states wanting to be like cali, or wanted to legelize it fo medical only. i have nothin wrong with them wanting to legelize it, its just the reason why..$$$$$$
  19. glen beck looks all meth out and is talking some random shit he sound like a fuck tard and let the stoned rob was very businees and made some good points and sounded intelligent

  20. +rep.

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