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    for an undercover narc to:
    buy and smoke weed, and offer pills and [booze(to minors)]

    reason I ask is because my tiny ass town got raided and all they got was 10 recreational users, none of the big dealers. Dumbass pigs sensationalized the story over the local new saying they were selling to kids. The pigs also sent in a 17 year old narc, along with some old half-deaf narc, prolly in his 40's

    The pigs in my town are corrupt, along with the rest of the tri-county area. Some of the cops would go to keggers with minors and drink with them. Another cop was also caught buying drinks for a minor at a bar, no consequences for him.... hes actually promoted now.

    Mind you I knew 7 of the 10.... I'm lucky i wasn't an 11, I was in contact with the old narc a hand-full of times, even played Modern Warfare with the dick head. (His head really did look like a dick) I didnt know he was a narc at the time, just so there is no confusion.
  2. Pigs will always be corrupt everywhere and what they are doing is illegal too because if i remember right dont laws apply to everyone equally?
  3. I should also mention 2 cops in my town were selling weed

  4. Fix'd that for ya
  5. Not sure if the cop is allowed to buy weed, but they are 100% not allowed to smoke it.

    And as for pills, they can say they have anything - it's not a big deal as whatever they have isn't real.

    Example: I was watching COPS the other day and they had this narc selling straight up fake weed to these guys. They would come up, look at it, say they didn't want it (because it was OBVIOUSLY fake), and then the cops would still arrest them. Why? Because when the dudes got their money out the cop would snatch it from them, and then say that they 'technically' paid for it. Complete bullshit, but what can we do about it?
  6. No this guy bought an 1/8 of dank and smoked it all in one sitting with us, it was real.
    Some people are saying hes from the FBI, I dont know about that.

    He was giving pills away, "Quaaludes" specifically. He gave me one, but it broke (was one of those pills with the little tiny balls in them) so i threw it back at him.

  7. So wait, you were with this dude the whole time and never got busted for anything? Really lucky man, especially seeing they busted 10 ppl from your town.

    But I'm not sure on the laws for FBI/DEA agents. It would seem as if they had to follow the same rules as us, but then again they are the ones enforcing laws about plants being illegal, so who knows :rolleyes:.
  8. I know, I am lucky... I even went on a burn cruise with him and another friend who also surprisingly didn't get busted.
  9. I think they have to have special clearance to use anything (as in it has to be done to further the case/investigation, etc.). Again, I'm not really sure on this, but if I can find out anything about it I'll let you know.
  10. He could of also been a guy in trouble trying to get a lesser sentence *shrug*
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    UC's can do anything to keep their cover, even killing someone. So yes, it is legal for them to smoke, snort, inject, anything they want/need.

    I'm not sure where some of you guys get the idea that they can't. Try to find a book by an ex-FBI agent who infiltrated a motorcycle gang, I believe the outlaws. He did everything they did.
  12. Thinking a cop isn't going to do whatever it takes to maintain his cover is like thinking a cop isn't going to break the speed limit in a chase... or expecting one to say "yes" when you ask if he's a cop before selling him drugs.

    There was a sting my senior year in high school. The cop smoked, bought & sold weed... and even did a line of coke in class with a girl that he ended up fucking. He fit right in with the people he was there to bust.

    Can you guess why no one suspected him of being a cop? :D

    Bonus question: Can you guess which drug dealing girl in my school wasn't busted? :laughing:

    It doesn't even really make much sense to think otherwise. If that's how it worked, there would never be any big drug busts because no one would let you near a felony quantity of anything without seeing you try a sample.

    A cop once told me that he did a line of coke with a gun pointed at his head, so I don't think cops are jumping at the job to go out and party. They probably see some pretty messed up shit as the move towards the top of the chain.

    That was a very long time ago, but I could have sworn he said they do the drugs they'll be dealing with before going undercover, to be sure they can keep their shit together.
  13. Guess you learn something new everyday! My bad for being misinformed :).
  14. i was in the back of a cop car once, going to court...
    no seatbelt in the back, cop was late so he gassed it at pushed her over 90mph
    what if he crashed and i died. Man... fuck....
  15. It wasn't a book, it was a movie documentary. Also, the documentary said he didn't actually snort the meth. He swiftly pushed it off the side of the table and 'acted' like he snorted it. :rolleyes:
  16. So i was told by one of the folk that is out of jail now that the informant also tried getting at least 2 of them to look at underage porn with him...

  17. This was another documentary where the cop said he had broken no laws, but the Biker club in question raised enough doubt during pretrial to have all charges from a 2yr sting dropped, from Drugs to murder. Said the agent had been involved or privy to all.
  18. Wow, that's pretty messed up. Also, it is pure myth that an undercover can't possess, sell, buy, or consume drugs in any manner.

    edit: also OP, sounds more like a snitch to me then undercover, but I guess you never really know.
  19. Are you sure the guy was a cop and not just a snitch?? They probably made a deal with him for less time if he brought in someone major...Letting him have one more joint isn't gonna change much
  20. no he was def. a Confidential informant.. theres a difference between them and cops.
    The DEA was involved.

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