Is it just me...

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  1. or is every thread here rehashes of the same concept a year ago or even a week ago? Sure you get that one unique one every blue moon, but the for the most part repeats of:

    -"Prove to me God exists.."
    -"How can God allow evil..."
    -"God is everywhere/everything"
    -"Live simply, don't think too much...(other generic Buddhist doctrines)"

    and other crap. Don't get me wrong, I consider myself to be "awakened" to certain truths, but this section is getting boring as eff. The same people are responding to same topics with essentially the same answer..."I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!"

    But I guess you could say the same about every other section on here...or any other forum.

    Just a little fun observation I thought I would make :smoke:
  2. Is it just me....or does someone make this same goddamn post bitching that all the other posts are the same every week?

    If you want more stimulating discussion, create new threads with new topics.
  3. It's just you.
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    Damnit! YOU took my crazy pills from the crazy pill jar...

    Do you ever find yourself giving a shit and then remembering you don't?
  5. Oooh,ladies and gentlemen watch out because he bites too!!!

    LMAO, well I was not aware that this post has already been made which again reemphasizes my point that every post on here are essentially the same.

    This post in itself was supposed to be a new thread with a new topic, but turns out i shot a blank. Blame me for trying? :)
  6. Then i have a suggestion, think not to think of what else there is to think of that others have not thought of in the duration of human existence, and when you have come up with that come and start a discussion where we can openly debate how the conflicting ideas in your head will soon crash on themselves and then restart the whole show , encore he yells and round and round we go.. Simply history will repeat itself just in different manifestations.

    I do blame you actually why did you think we would be open minded about this? asking too much now not only trying.

  7. It's pretty uncommon to hear an idea that hasn't been expressed before. Anywhere. No matter how clever I think I might be, I pretty much never imagine that I've just had a thought no one else has had.

  8. It isn't just you. Stubborn people refuse to believe the truth because they wish for their preconceived notions to be true. As such, the same arguments happen because the brainwashed are unable to accept reason to explain their existence and instead wish for people to make up fancy tales to do so. However, one must not accept the story of Icarus because it has been spoken, one must instead, reject quick answers and wait for real data to be gathered, sadly, again, the simple cannot do so. They highlight fools to be geniuses because they are so far from it they cannot see the difference between those with knowledge and those who make up ideas to explain shit they cannot understand. :)
  9. For the record, I was kidding. :laughing:
  10. :p

    lol, I gathered that. :D

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