Is It just me?

Discussion in 'General' started by PotMaster420, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. i was wondering if weed is on your mind at least once a minute?
    i think about it pretty damn often

    what about you guys?
  2. I only think about weed if i want to get high. I see no point in thinking about it constantly.
  3. a fiend, you are.
  4. Well, Ive been sober for 20 days (about to be 21 in 2 hours) so I have an excuse.

    Still, I dont think about it every minute. To be honest, I think about money and women more often... But it's close by.
  5. Weed stays in my mind.
  6. ur just a stoner with nothin else to do dude.
  7. Yep I think it about all the time along with money and sex. lol
  8. Naa, You sound like a young stoner to me. When their just introduced to the herb and think its the greatest thing in the world.

    What you need to realize is its something to enjoy, But everything in moderation, And thiers things alot more important to think about constantly then herb.
  9. i'm lucky enough to stay high all day every day
    smokin the profit ya dig!?
  10. ive been smoking for 2 years, i just think about weed during class to pass time :)
  11. When I had an active grow going Cannabis always seemed to be at the forefront of my mind. Still, I was only smoking once a week. It wasn't an urge to smoke, just loving and admiring thoughts :laughing:
  12. Lately it has been on my mind a bit. But that's only because i haven't been able to get some for months. Tomorrow I'm picking up. So after smoking myself retarded i should be good for a few weeks. Iv never been a daily toker.

  13. Wow, that first toke is going to be something awesome :smoking:
  14. I know man.:)

    I scraped my grinder clean and emptied all may baggies like a crack whore the other night and got a bowl out of it.
    Doesn't compare to some nice dank tho. So I'm looking forward to a nice toke!:smoke:

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