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Is it just me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Weedology, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Is it just me or does glade or air fresheners make a lot of noise when youre high?

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     a few years ago I used to own the automatic one that sprays ever time you set it to, I had it set for every hour...
    in the dead of night, that air freshener would scare the shit out of me
  3. *hits blunt*
    Know what I should do? Make a thread and talk about air fresheners.
    xD xD xD

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  4. Lmfao yeah dude i was toasty but theyre so loud and obvious

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  5. I totally get what you mean, man. I don't really have to spray much now that I've moved out, but when I used to live with my parents, I'd have a midnight toke like every night before bed and I noticed that when I sprayed deodorant, it was super loud and it made me paranoid. It's all in your head, dude.
  6. My wife uses those ones that plug into the wall and have a fan on 'em.
    If they aren't plugged in correctly they'll vibrate like a SOB and make a ton of noise.
  7. yeah shit's noisy as fuark

    if ya tryin to be quiet just tap it really really softly so the liquid like leaks out, works for me

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  8. My mom doesnt care too much but the fact that she cares at all means i would rather her not smell it or know. Just to show respect.

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    took me MONTHS to not freak out at two in the morning HaF when it sounds like the cat hissing in the next room and I can see him clearly sitting right next to me on the couch...

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