is it just me or......

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. .. do a shitload of my threads get closed because of other people

    anyone notice it?

    seems like alota people hate on negligent, but if you look at the name and the meaning of the actual word, u'll know what i think of it

    this thread will probably get closed cuz of people hating again or because it'll be viewed as me flaming, but really i'm just curious if anyone else has noticed my threads constantly being closed because of people hating, or noticed that i never flame back but rather reply in a calm yet cocky manner
  2. I dont really follow your threads so I couldnt say. If your threads always get closed down it probably does have something to do with you though. Are you picking thread topics that are controversial/provocative or something? I have not seen to much baseless flaming in threads, sure... Ive seen plenty of unneeded flaming but it is at least understandable. If your threads always get closed you must be doing a little something. After all, you are the common factor in all your threads.

    Or maybe not, maybe it is all a conspiracy against you. Maybe some members just hate you or something. I dont know because I havent seen the threads you are talking about.

    Do you have an example of situation in which you had a thread deleted?
  3. my shit got locked down a couple days ago for a simal reason.
  4. I'm sure it's nothing personal, probably just what you're talking about or if your thread gets de-railed.

    Don't be so paranoid not everyone hates ya :p
  5. yo i drift in & out but whenever i see one of ur thread i usually skim it cause its always gonna be some crazy shit...good luck bro dont OD stay HIGH
  6. no, i dont pay enough attention to you cuz negligents threads are lame

    I can read erowid if I want OD experiences.

  7. lmao! it's funny cuz its tru
  8. no, i dont talk about anything controversial, i talk about personal experience

    ahh, look, people bringin hate into my thread already haha, the mods should give me powers to just delete posts out of my threads n none of em will ever get closed
  9. I'm not hatin, don't even know you.

    But his post made me LOL
  10. nah not you, although i'd hardly say its true that my threads are about OD's, considering theres only been probably at the most 10 times where i've taken a dangerously huge amount of drugs with possibility of death, and only 2 that i actually needed medical attention for, the others werent OD's really because i jus kinda got myself through em
  11. I think maybe some people are tired of seeing you treat your life so callously.
  12. im really high, so i got nothing but peace to give out, glad to see your still with us buddy!

    enjoy life bro!!!
    you never know when death will kick ur door in an take you away
  13. idk, neg. Honestly, sometimes I wonder whether you make this shit up...

    I mean, most ppl don't have nine lives...

    shit. I mean if your stories are true, I can't figure out how you would keep on doing what you do:confused:. I mean I know you are a smart guy if you actually research the LD50s of the drugs you are about to consume.

    You are something of an enigma. I think you like the controversy;). idk. I could be wrong.
  14. i think hempress got it right.
    often its "i did this and this and this to excess and almost died (again)" and we're all like, "No shit! of course thats going to happen". one can only feel sorry about your experiences and bad choices for so long before it gets tired. you're not going to change so why should we be polite and condone your slow death? :confused_2:

    keep posting your near deaths, battles with family members, etc, you can express your life just like anyone else. just expect the normal "WTF!?" in all of these threads.
  15. its his life isnt it..whats the point in closing a thread..telling things that we all do..we all feel..some people act on them..

    ya know
  16. Neg, you're definitely out of your fuckin mind. It's a miracle you're alive, judging from your stories. Now I definitely dont think you're stupid, but you take an awful damn lot of risks. Every once in a while you'll post something about some crazy shit that happens to you, and before I even open the thread I'm thinking, "Shit, what's happened now."

    Believe it or not man, we care about you here at the City. One day you're gonna stop postin, and all that's gonna be goin through everyone's minds is that you OD'ed and died. Maybe Im only speakin for myself, but every time I see one of your posts Neg, i'm afraid it's gonna be the last.
  17. Haven't noticed any threads by you in a a few weeks, of course I haven't been too frequent with my presence. I like reading the odd thread you post, atleast your doing different things all the time, it can get boring when everyone is talking about the same shit all the time, your adventures bring a bit of variety.
  18. Your threads are fuckin sweet neg, I love reading about your crazy ass experiences. Please continue.
  19. Wow, he's right. Your all just a bunch of fuckin haters!

    Keep on keepin on, neg. I like reading your threads. Some people dont, but fuck them. They dont know the half of it.

  20. well, at least some of yall can understand me, n i could already tell u i'm out of my mind, but that what makes me special, that and cuz mr. rogers told me i'm special

    i got over 3000 posts, n probably around 1500 of em are about myself or arguin with people about myself haha, all of which are truth..

    of course theres no way to prove it, cuz its not like anyone from this thread knows me in person except for UglyInfidel, but he's long since left the city (years) and gone on to become a junkie..

    welp, i dunno when my next sweet post will be, but i'm sure it'll be sometime soon cuz as boring as my life is, its all so very exciting haha

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