is it just me or is walking one of the most soothing things possible?

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    Just walking. Using the two things god/evolution/wateva the fuck you believe gave us. Like i just walk around my city of charlotte, and observe civilization. It's amazing really. This whole thing called society. We live, oblivious, to its complexity.
  2. hell yea, walking rocks. thus the reason i love hiking. its like extreme walking.

  3. haha hell yea. so many amazing memories of hiking as an 11 year old in boy scouts.

    boy scouts was fun as fuck i have to admit. it has the wrong connotations is all

  4. Just a small part of the your neighborhood, that's a small part of your city, which is a small part of your county, which is a small part of your state, which is a small part of your country, which is a small part of the planet, which is a small part of our solar system, which is a small part of our galaxy, and GALAXIES IN THE UNIVERSE ARE LIKE GRAINS OF SAND ON THE BEACH.

    i've officially gone mad :hello:

  5. boy scouts kind of pissed me off. all the camping trips we ever did, we sat around camp the first day, than the second day me might walk around a lake or something. i was like "pft. id rather camp with my family, we do cool shit" so i quit.

  6. yea dude that's one of the problems.

    people who aren't actually good at their job. Like a quacky scientist, science itself is an amazing concept, but in the hands of a wrong person, it can go awry.

    it doesn't change the actual amazingness of the concept.
  7. I recently started working out and running is the most relaxing part of my day. I can listen to any song I want and enjoy the view around me. Very rarly do we take a second to just admire the natural beauty of life. Finding joy in the simple things is one of the most valuble treasures we can find.
  8. I very much enjoy walking around at night. Just the feeling that "everyone in the world is sleeping" (metaphorically) is extremely peaceful. It's the only time I ever fully enjoy living to be honest.

  9. wow lol thats exactly the way i feel haha. Well not enjoy living but enjoy the beauty of the outside world haha
  10. I prefer biking just because it's more efficient, but really any self-propelled transportation is great for clearing your mind. I can't do it often, but every now and then I'll roll like 6 joints and canoe fishing with the homies. Can't beat that.
  11. I walk to the beach (3 miles both ways) every single day, sometimes twice. It's fucking awesome. It's easily the best thing that happened as a result of me getting my license suspended in May. I became way too reliant on my car, I lived on a small campus that's like a 8 minute walk to the complete opposite side of campus and I would literally drive EVERYWHERE, even if it meant having to drive way out of the way because of the 1-way parking lot haha just cuz I was so lazy to walk ANYWHERE (Even like 3 minutes away to the dining hall). But now I enjoy walking, I'm sure it's healthier and just soothing, I listen to some music while smoking a cigarette and just walk like 45 minutes a day and chill outside at the beach for like an hour in between, it's so nice especially this time of year, I love the temperature and the weather right now here in the North East.
  12. I love this, especially with the additions of:

    Good music
    Nature (which is everywhere around where I live :D)
    A joint, of course.

    And I love how every time of day has its own beauty. Black night is so tranquil and mysterious. Early morning is so relaxing and feels like a dream, esp. if you catch the sunrise. Midday is bright and has all the wildlife at its best and brightest. Then late afternoon has the long shadows, colourful skies and the sunset, probably the best time. All of which is enhanced by a fat joint :smoke:

  13. haha my absolute most amazing moment with nature and weed is when I walked out at that time of day where everything is "purplish" you could say. dusk i think, but with that strange purple tint.

    while i was high i was like "holy fuck, am i in a dream?" haha. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing

    it felt exactly like this place from paper mario and the thousand year door

  14. one of the best fucking games i have ever played as well
  15. Once I was smoking on the back porch, the sun was setting but it was really cloudy, it actually turned the sky pink. It was fucking insane, the sky was just pink clouds.

    Then, a light rain started to fall. So I picked up the joint and started to walk down the back of my house, which is basically a path through the most beautiful forest I've ever been in. Could be bias, but walking through that nature all cast in a pink glow with light rain... man. Indescribable.

  16. holy shit . . . . my eyes watered up thinking of the beauty :smoke:

  17. i know EXACTLY what you mean. i was backpacking in north cascades national park for a week, and walking through a magical rain forest while its raining is an EPIC feeling.
  18. One day, I spent half of the day with a few friends smoking and walking around in this forest about half a mile away from my dorms and the whole sky turned yellowish-orange. Everywhere you looked there was just an extremely noticeable tint of yellow/orange.
  19. My favorite smoke session was on the way up mt manadnock in NH :) such awesomeness, it's an easy climb and the views are amazing
  20. goddamn yes haha. any time i feel negative vibes while high, nature ALWAYS cures it.

    its crazy.

    too bad there ain't no nature near me in this college apartment :(

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