is it just me or does this happen more often?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Wavy Crocket, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I am 20 now. and as I have gotten into my older years it seems like I run into more and more women who find me charming or attractive. I have always had a girl or 2 who has kind of liked me over the years, but I always felt kind of dorky and awkward in my earlier years as a teenager.

    Maybe it is the fact that im in the military now and making money. maybe nothing has changed and im more aware of it. But I feel like more often I see a girl like say applying for a loan and she will seem really interested in me and this one in particular took my hand and said "you be careful" with a big smile. I even got asked to work at hollister which apparently has a look requirement.

    But like...the fact that it seems like more women find me attractive just seems so strange. It just seemed like girls never liked me growing up. and I realize now that girls in my high school were pretty snobby in particular. but still I find myself thinking "was she interested in me?" but then Im like "nah shes cute, she probably has tons of dudes hitting on her so what makes me different?"

    Also it seems like a few times Ive noticed that married women show an interest in me....idk why that is.
  2. As you age you (should) get more confident. Chicks dig confidence.

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