Is it implied or should I straight up ask her?

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  1. Ok, I have this girl that I chill with strictly to fuck. She knows this and she is ok with this. The thing is I have been away at college all year (just got home last week). I haven't chilled with her in months and usually before I chill with her she will text me something dirty or just let me know that we gonna bang (which we have done EVERY time we have chilled). This time however she hasn't said anything and I wanna know if she wants to like chill and fuck. Chill and not fuck. Or just fuck and go home. I am not sure. Should I strait up remind her we are gonna fuck. Or should I straight up ask her? I mean she is sending me mixed signals on whether we gonna fuck or not. And I hate that awkward feeling when you just sittin in car with sexual tension in the air. What do you all think? Am I over thinking this one?
  2. just chill w/ her and bring a rubber. see what happens
  3. this. then keep making advances until she makes it clear that she either does or does not want to fuck
  4. Yea I think I am just gonna go with the direct approach and just ask if she wants to fuck when we chill. I mean out off all the times we have chilled we have never not fucked.
  5. when you see her, go for a small kiss

    that will tell you everything right there.

    if she takes the kiss and its like a peck or whatever, then its more like i havent seen you in so long and miss you and its a possibility but dont push too hard and youll just have to read her body language while you are there

    if she takes the peck and kinda delves into it more then its a for sure thing.

    if she goes for the head turn and go for the hug then definitely no. but i would say that your chances are good unless she has a boyfriend you dont know about.
  6. lmao instead of peck I think I should just whip my dick out.
  7. Id try to pick up right where u left off. No need to get all complicated man. Take her to the park and knock it out. :)
  8. I got caught fuckin this chick at movie's and I got a warning for public indecency last time we chilled.
  9. yeah id say take it from there.

    do it next to an elementary school tho this time. like in the tube slide.
  10. If she let u fuck her in the theatre, I am sure she will let u fuck her in the park. Go find out... :D

  11. if she fucked you in a movie theater with no commitments to you, im willing to bet she will fuck you after a year of college.

    bring a rubber, read the signs, and let her know that YOU want to get down down woogie woogie splish splash take a bath an tap dat ass. knowwhamsayin? :D
  12. Yea man she doesn't sound like she discriminates place to fuck very much... theaters are nasty
  13. Well if she's straight up sex buddy I would ask her. If you do ANYTHING like give a kiss or put moves or whatever she may think you're like wanting to take it to a whole 'nother level after the time of not seeing each other. It could a) weird her out, b) confuse the crap out of her and then she starts over thinking it and/or c) cause you a whole different set of problems. XD

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