Is it illegal to keep driving below speed limit if you are pulled over

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  1. I live near the lake and if i had weed with me and got pulled over could i try eating the weed and driving somewhere far away and say that it was too sketchy to pull over because the "cop" could have been anyone?
  2. Hey, adolf. Depends on the country you are in. I know that some European countries can fee you, because if you drive toooo slow, you become a traffic hazard.

    If you went to the us after 45 they might have It there too. Most American traffic laws I came across are way stricter in America :eek:
  3. Sorry man I don't understand this..if you drive away from a cop, you will usually get in trouble.
  4. Haha damn misunderstood the thread thought you meant in general not after being asked to pull over.

    Again not too sure about America, but my constitution gives every citizen the right to pursue freedom, so breaking out of jail or running cant be used against you, only the laws you break while "on the run"^^

  5. thats sick man, id do stupid shit and run from the 5-0
  6. It depends, some areas have different rules like you said, largely because guys would kidnap/rape girls after pulling them over. So shit I didn't answer anything but you're right about the driving somewhere because it could be anyone part.
  7. the cop will have his lights goin. so yea you could try using that an excuse. he'll still take u though. espically if he smells weed
  8. regardless, you have a couple of mins to pull over before the cop blows everything out of proportion and calls for back up.

    when that happens, its up to you with your story why you didnt pull over
  9. Your username.. LOL really dude
  10. If the cops are in a marked police vehicle, they are unmistakably police offers so 'it could have been anyone' doesnt really fly

    nah you gotta pull over. Theyll try to get you with resisting arrest, blah blah
  11. Drive away from a cop with his lights (red and/or blue) going in the USA = an additional charge of fleeing an officer in a vehicle...which in many states is a felony.

  12. Damn, that sucks.
  13. lol at adolf hitler's 1st post. I know the answer to your question down to a fact but I'm not answering it because of your username.
  14. if your gonna do that, while your driving call the police department and ask if your being pulled and that will give you as solid reason, the cop prolly would be annoyed as fuck but cant really blame you for being careful.

  15. Are you allowed to use the telephone while driving?
  16. varies state by state,
  17. My friend drove an underage kid to get beer one time... The kid stole it and told my buddy he bought it. They left and troll pulled my friend out his van and told them they'd blow his head off if he moved. He got felony fleeing.. :rolleyes:
    Shit got dropped though.

    Cops CAN and WILL do what they want.
  18. Yeah...Because he won't notice you stuffin' your hand in a bag and eating shit.

    It is fleeing, on top of that if his dashcam picks up on you shovin' your hand in a bag it is knowingly destroying evidence...And if he notices you doing that, which I'm sure he will, you have just forfeited your rights.

    Shit, just pull over...Misdemeanor in most states anyway, why even bother trying to get it lifted to a felony?:cool:

  19. and what country might that be

  20. "DONT TAZE ME BRO!!" <<<< would be u

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