is it illegal to drive with a headlight out?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jackattack, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. I have no money for a new one but just got a warning from a cop for speeding (5mph over) and headlight out. I don't really have the money to replace it but can I get a ticket next time if I get pulled over for the headlight being out?
  2. i believe so, it might depend on the state your in tho. just got to a junkyard and find a headlight.. even if its not for your car just tape it in for a tempariry replacement.. lol thats what i did
  3. Usually, yea.
    Try not driving around in the dark
    And a headlight only costs about 8$. Just buy one at a store and replace it yourself.
  4. Awesome I didn't know headlights were so cheap I can do around $20.00 dollars thats not bad.
  5. hah i didnt realize that either, time to go buy me a new headlight 2 :smoking:
  6. Yeah, you can get a ticket for it. Like someone said previously, you can get headlamps real cheap, i think they are like $5 for regular ones (i dont know the name) and like $8-$10 for a halogen bulb.

  7. ya u can but dude..... a warning for 5mph over the limit??? wat kinda small town fuckin cops are u dealing with lol
  8. Usually they'l cite you, warn you, and say you have to have it fixed within a certain number of days. If you get pulled over again, you'll be ticketed.
  9. All you need is the bulb... you should be able to take the whole light peice out and then unscrew the bulb from theb ack and put the new one in.
  10. the smart thing to do is get two. if one's out, the other one should be going soon too (assuming you put them in around the same time)
  11. it always seems to be the case. while youre out gettin headlamps, get your cars rear brake and or blinker lights too. theyre only 3 bucks and keep em in the glovebox. you dont want to be chiefin in the car and some hobag pulls you over because your cadles arent lit.
  12. that does seem wierd being pulled over for going 5mph over the speed limit.

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