Is it gross to eat a girl out after she pees?

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  1. I will only eat my girl out in or right after a shower, and she says I'm weird because of it, but I'm grossed out at the idea of eating her out after she's been peeing. A lot of my guy friends say they don't even think about it but I just get grossed out about it. Am I just weird?
  2. no its only gross if shes gross......
  3. I can't tell you, what you think is gross.
  4. Do you shower before every time your girl gives you head? Same thing bro. If you don't, you shouldn't expect her to either.
  5. Well I was more wondering what other guys' opinons on the matter, since I know my preference.
  6. Girls wipe after they pee so I don't think its a big deal. I've never tasted pee when going down
  7. I can sympathize with OP...A girl couldn't be like "I gotta piss but then you're going to give me Oral."

    I'd politely decline
  8. I'd say that your concerns are valid, but the extent of your concerns aren't. Being concerned about that is valid, but you also gotta think that urine is sterile ;)

    Haha that's probably not very comforting. If you ALWAYS made her clean before you ate her out, I'd say that's too far. But I've had sex with girls who need to pee in the middle (since putting pressure on the G-spot makes some girls, if not most, feel that they need to pee). If they said anytime after they got back "can you eat me out?" I would probably say no since it was so soon. I wouldn't expect a girl to give me oral after I just took a piss.

    Being concerned about it is valid, but if she doesn't give you a reason to believe that it was recent or she didn't clean up after she was done, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Now go give the girl some good good ;)
  9. not if you don't think about while doing it..
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    besides, by the time I reach that point....I'm usually worked into such a hot sexual frenzy that I believe it actually Illiminates 99.9% of all harmful germs & bacteria :p
  11. I mean... In highschool I drank from the red river once, so it takes a lot to gross me out
  12. Piss is sterile
  13. [quote name='"whatsgoodkillah"']Fuckin gross[/quote]

    Hahaha ikr
  14. :eek::cry::hide:
  15. I agree with your girl. Does she only suck you after you're take a shower? It would only be gross if she didn't wipe or clean herself. As long as there isn't piss dripping off of her I dont see the problem.
  16. If Im willing to spit shine her starfish....a little pee pee doesnt scare me. :cool:

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