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  1. Good evening, GC. So, here is my situation.
    just transplanted these babies into these here 5 gallon-ish pots, and well, as you can see, their leaves are not in the greatest shape. this is what too much neem oil to will do to a plant.
    anyway, just started them putting them outside a couple of days ago, and for fear of them flowering too early, I take them in at night and continue giving them light all night with a t5. I plan to re-transplant into bigger pots, but that will come later.
    one of the plants' leaves was so ugly, I just decided to cut them off. not sure if that was smart, but we'll see.
    SO! my question is, if I keep doing this, will everything be okay? can those leaves get repaired? will the plants die? and can I eventually ease them off onto an 18/6 light schedule?
    and replies will be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Really, the plants in the first 5 pics seem like theyre pretty healthy...Pic 4 looks like nuteburn coming on from the tips in on those lower leaves/maybe a deficiency? get us a closeup if u can. The last 2 are not lookin too hot, and the last one in particular seems to be curling from overfeeding?
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    well, it probably is nuteburn. I haven't flushed them and given them a break from any nutes up until their last watering. I didn't know you were supposed to >__> this is my first grow, so I know they're not perfect.
    yea, the 2nd before last, I found him in half, so I'm trying to see what happens him. and the very last one I decided to cut the fan leaves off of. they were just too damaged.
  4. also it looks like on the last 2 you have some strecthing seems you got the lights to far away or maybe out some side light on them to grow where you cut off and since yo haven't given them a break from nutes flush 2 times the size of the pot and wait for it to dry out before you give them more nutes as for leaf damage remember fan leaves are impoertant during veg that's how the process the sun for new growth.
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    how can you tell that there is stretching? but I agree, the lights I've given them haven't been nearly as close as they should. is that bad?
    and what exactly will lights on the sides do? give the baby leaves some light so they can grow?

    thank you hightime. I appreciate the response man. so will new fan leaves grow back since I cut them or am I fucked on that part?
  6. Stretching is just when the plants grow taller and skinnier to reach a light source that is either too weak or too far away... you should keep ur lights as close as you can without burning or other weirdness.
    lights on the side just cause extra growth laterally, makes it grow towards three different little fake suns instead of straight up for one...
  7. why so mutch neem those little plants are in good shape . no need for neem oil unless you got mites mealy bugs . or white fly . worms boreing around . and still i get them worms at nite by hand . .
  8. yeah, neem is overused...Im going to my spot 2nite and I havent used any neem this season, got lotsa soil microbes keeping my plants defenses strong and this silicon additive i use(dynagro pro-tekt) just seems to be keeping them away. One leaf on 1 plant had three lil holes, maybe a couple mm's in a tiny spot a few weeks after I put them in the ground, but thats it. Nothin since. It seems to put the bugs off bigtime....Also I foliar feed every week or 2 with my own concoction of Humboldt Grow, Earth Juice Microblast and a couple ml's silicon additive... Works great. Im more worried about these fucking deer, so ill set some switch traps...

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