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Is it even worth it ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jaemercs, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Should i even spend all of my money on dank weed after i have been on a T-break for 4 weeks but i am trying to go for 5? wouldnt it be pointless to buy really good weed when im just coming off a T-break and would be really stoned from like mids or something? :confused:
  2. DO IT! four weeks is plenty man you are gonna get stoned off your ass...i get psychadelic highs on headies after t-breaks man thats the best! come back to the game with a bang
  3. Hell yeah man. Go for The Good!
  4. Is this guy serious?? Haha of course get the dank man! You'll be like quadruple smackedddd
  5. lol i wasjust figuring i would save money lol
  6. nah man, you will be savin money..

    instead of smokin a bowl, prolly half of one will get you fried
  7. Yea like ^ said, you won't need as much, so pack smaller bowls and you'll save some cash
  8. everyone knows quality not quantity
    just smoke less of the dank
    its way worth it and will last you longer especailly if you just smoking it yourself
  9. Dank, It will be great too because your tolerance is so low
  10. don't forget to eat a mango first (a nice ripe one, 30 minutes b4 you smoke). It really hits you if you've been on a T-break. With proper headies, I've felt like I'm on some half-way decent shrooms.

    (Note: does NOT approach some good shrooms, but definately can get you like some arite shrooms + smoking... at least, that is what it reminds me of...)

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