Is it ethical to...?

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  1. the scenario:

    pretend you were stranded in the middle of the ocean in a boat with five people, including you. the boat suddenly starts to sink. then everyone figures out its sinking because it cannot support the weight of all five people.

    the only way to stop the sinking is to throw a three-hundred pound man over board, thus killing him.

    so, what do you do? is it ethical to kill one to save four?

  2. id try to strangle him out. or do something that wouldnt cause him to be hurt that would kill him. but it is ethical, i guess... fuck idk man, its either all of you or one of you.. i guess the ends would justify the means in this case.

    edit: why? is your house sinking or something?
  3. I would put him in the water and hang on with a small amount of pressure to the raft while he stays a float. Just would have to worry about sharks lol.
  4. Fuck 'em. MAN OVERBOARD! Then us remaining would paddle our little asses away so he can't fuck with us!

  5. i like to discuss philosophy based type questions, especially morality and ethics. makes you think harder.

    this topic would go under the Utilitarian theory by john bentham.
  6. I think when push comes to shove you would find it much harder to strangle the life outta someone rather then just throwing them over and rowing away lol

    Depends on the people. Some wouldnt do it and some would have no problem.

    I think it makes sense too. Otherwise if the boat fully sinks then its just everyone floating around pissed off.

    Now if there are 2 150lb men who are..less liked...maybe they get thrown over. Who knows. Better to lose a couple then everyone though
  7. intersting. how bout throwing two 150 lbs people out that would work to
  8. It's open waters, ethics don't mean shit :D

    Ha, for real though I don't know what I would do. Watching the man slowly drown would be fucking awful.
  9. I would throw him over. My life is worth to me than your life.
  10. The human condition for survival is pretty hardcore. The fat guy would be dead in seconds after a few moments of consideration, especially with a gang mentality in the equation.

    Don't anyone say you wouldn't kill the fat guy, because in this situation, you sure as hell would. Life isn't always bright and fuzzy.
  11. well do you know that you would all survive anyways? the ones who stayed on the boat that is
  12. so, you would rather kill two people than one man who is three-hundred pounds?

  13. Shit I like my odds in the boat better then outta the boat. Engine or not. You get tired of swimming.

  14. If the fat man is more useful on land. Say the 2 dudes are deadbeats and dont do shit. Waste of space
  15. Fuck that, I would only throw part of him overboard, the rest would sustain me :devious:
  16. dude, that is smart thinking.

    obviouslly everyone is gonna get hungry and they'll need to eat something to keep their body warm.

    so why not kill the dude then eat him?!?! so his death doesnt go to waste. very good thinking. +rep.
  17. yeah i know, but like how far out to sea would you be? i mean if im in the middle of the atlantic and its storming and we havent seen a ship yet out id say fuck and commit suicide
  18. I would eat him so I could stay alive longer.

  19. you cant commint suicide.

    why you ask? watch the Mist.
    i felt really bad for the main character at the end.

    since they were supposedly the last people surviving and they couldnt find any help anywhere, they all started taking turns shooting themselves cuz there was nothing for them to do. so the dude kills his kid first, then the wife kills herself, and right about when he;s gonna kill himself, rescue comes. fucking sucks.
  20. Yea lets all eat some raw we can get sick lol. People do that in the forest when they have fire.

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