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Is it easy to get marijuana prescribed in cali?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mbleezy, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Well my sister just moved out to california and i was thinking that after i get a good job that i might move out to cali. But i was just wondering how easy it would be to get Marijuana prescribed to me. sorry if it is a dumb question
  2. if you have a legit medical problem that marijuana helps. then easy. if you dont, dont try to...
  3. just find the right doctor
  4. well my uncle got prescribed it and the only he had wrong with him is probably his back...
  5. you need medical records of some sort,cant just walk in and say hey my head hurts,i have stomach problems,i have moderate pain,please cure me,isnt that simple.
  6. yes, if you have a reason, no if you dont, u could fake it, i know junkies that do that in MD for pills, but i dont know about weed

  7. My friend is from the bay area and got his with much EASE. He went to his doctor and said he had stress from school and he got his club card just like that.
  8. I've been looking at getting a card. I tore my ACL in my left knee at work a while ago and i have pains everyday from it. I have a couple questions though:

    When you get a card, I hear talk of prescribing, so does that mean like its like a pharmacy type thing? I always thought it was through dispensaries and stuff.

    Sorry if it's a stupid question i'm lit off my ass haha
  9. sorry bro... but if you wanna get a card u literally have to suck your docs :eek:

    hahaha sorry im blazed as hell. na i heard its really easy as long as u find the right doc and have a (somewhat) legitimate reason
  10. Watch the movie super high me.
    It's not hard to get a script as long as you have some cash and a reason.
    To create prior medical history for a condition they might prescribe it for, you can easily say you're an insomniac and use marijuana instead of the sleep medications you've been prescribed. pretty easy to get sleeping pills at a normal doc.

  11. They wont give you a recommendation for that,yes its like a pharmacy,whenever you want to get your meds,you can go anytime.
  12. In most of the dispensiaries they ask for your card, then for your problem\type of high you are looking for... Then they point you to what kind of bud to buy... and damn they are good at it.

  13. Its very easy. Basically anyone with $150 and a good lie (there is a list of medical problems that pot helps, pick one that can be easily faked like depression) can get a doctors recommendation. Its up to the doctor to require proof, like medical papers etc. But 90% of doctors only want your money. Dont stress about it, lets put it this way: its def. a lot easier than finding a dealer that sells very clean, and good quality stuff!!
  14. First off you dont get it "prescribed"you get a recommendation.

    Its pretty easy in California.

  15. If you have that problem, then getting a doc. recommendation is guaranteed for you!!

    I dont think there is a pharmacy that sells pot! its only dispensaries. and the atmosphere is nothing close to a pharmacy. picture it like a smoke shop that sells pot, with jars behind the counter, brownies and other yummies! in the fridge, cannabis sodas, chocolate bars, etc. Its almost like dying and waking up in stoner heaven!!! :smoking:
  16. So you're saying..if I moved to Cali..went to a few doctors telling them I'm always stressed or having problems sleeping and marijuana is one of the best things that helps my problems, I can easily get a card? Lol.
  17. That's how I see it.
  18. It's ridiculous how easy it is to get a medical card around here. My mom got hers and a certificate that legally allows us to grow massive amounts of weed in our back yard.
  19. Yeah people around here have em all over the place.

  20. it is that easy actually

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