Is it doing good? Plz look

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    ok plant is 1 month 2 weeks old!
    [] I feel like the plant should be way bigger for its age..{ IT IS 19 inches tall }
    [] It is given 20 hours lights on n 4 off..
    [] it has a fan moving air around but not directly on plant..
    [] I think it is a female..what do yhu guys think?
    []plz leave any comment or concern..feel free to say anything..
    [] information of lighting:ZOO MED LIGHTING
    36"/914 mm REPTI SUN 2.0
    F 30T8/6500k GERMANY ce
    []Is the plant a good size for the age? 19 INCHES GOOD / BAD ?:smoke:
    []Does it look healthy?
    -pictures show a lot of yellow on plants idk y but there is only alil yellow on the top of plant were it is growing :/
    [][][] PLZ COMMENT ON THREAD [][][]

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  2. looks healthy but pretty stretched out, what light are you using?, cant tell if its male or female.. not until you sex it(switch to 12/12 until you see signs of sex) then you can go back to veg or keep flowering. sometimes it shows sex when its mature enough to flower aslo but depends on strain, some wont show at all until you switch the lighting.
  3. Panda knows what's up. I' have said the same thing.
  4. To elaborate, you may not have enough lumens per square foot/meter. At 18 inches I would expect a healthy plant to have a dozen or so stiff lateral branches, if the plants are recieving 4500 lumens. Your plants seem to have no lateral branching. That means they probably reached their height trying to get closer to the light (higher lumens). My first grow was similar :/
  5. 19inchs is fine, it looks stretched as others have said, either the light is too far away or you only have 1 light and its directly above the plant. Try to place the lights 1-3 inchs away from the plant.

    Cant tell male or female until youve switched light cycle to 12/12.

    May be yellowing from lack of nutes being so tall but not enough light to give it energy, yellowing is caused by many many things.

    I dont know what light you mean at all, I cant figure it out from what you wrote. Just the wattage and lumens. I do see the kelvin scale range of its light though.

    So basically same as above posters, you just need more lights as far as I can tell.

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