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Is it disrespectful to bring a scale ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnywilks, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. A friend of mine is doing me a favour because I no longer have a connect.

    He's going halves with me in an oz, but its way over-priced $350. But at the moment its either pay that ($175- Half) or go without .

    Would it be disrespectful to bring a scale with me? As i'm sure its going to be short , but he is doing me a favour .
  2. Nope not at all it just makes it easier to divide up, if any dealer complains about you weighing things its cuz he's shorting you, if you were selling and you weren't slumping would you care if someone brought a scale? I'd be glad
  3. I meant skimping, my phone changed it
  4. depends on the situ, if your making the trade in a public area then yeah. I would say yeah period but $350 a oz is pretty direspectful so horses for courses... Just tell him you wanna weight it, if he dont like it dont buy it.
  5. Depends if you know the dealer or not, if you just met this hookup he might be a little suspicous when your weighing his shit and might just say he's not selling. But if its a standard dealer you know, bringing a weight isent such a bad idea.
  6. It's more disrespectful for him to short you. Plop that shit on the scale and make sure you get your moneys worth.
  7. And.... What If Your Scale is Off by a few grams ?, The Drug Dealer (you didnt want to offend) is going to shoot you dead in the alley and stuff your lifeless body in a dumpster. :eek:

    Sorry ...That was last nights Soprano's episode (I thought it sounded familiar)

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