Is it burn? Or defficiency?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Numbnutts, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hey all the plant im talking about is in a five gallon bucket of promix with ewc and bat guano mixxed into the promix..
    I am not sure if it is nute burn or a defficiency.
    Ive not been able to post on threads but ive been able to post in my gallery..ill gove rep to anyone who takes the time to check it out..
    Sorry guys when I click on the post download nothing happens.
    I have a hard time figuring if its burn or defficiency.
    Thanks anyone who takes the time to look.

    I click the load file and nothin happens.
  2. Hey buddy where is it? Help me out a bit please
  3. Also n e pix?
  4. Hey bro...i put em up in member gallery..
  5. Im so not tech savy....but I know theyre in there..shouldnt there be like a photo gallery attached to my profile? Thanks for taking the time to look bro..much appreciated
  6. Looks like a phos def.
    Check your pH and add some
    Balanced nutes a lil higher on the P n K side.

    Also click the link in my signature there is some info on P def in there.
  7. That totaly makes sense..i had it in a three gal smart pot ..all I put in was ewc and a pinch of guano..10_2_1...then I transplanted to a five gal..
    So its about a month old and has never been fed nutes ..i was thinking how could I burn it when im not feeding it and burn usually starts in the tips right?
    So because its a month old I assume the roots grew through down to the newer promix that has nothing extra in it....sound about right?
  8. There you go buddy! Good luck!
    Btw the affected leaves will not recover, if you dont like the way they look you can pluck it. But thats up to you.
  9. I'm with Sean here. Definitely looks like a deficiency and I would lean towards phos as well.
  10. Nice im gonna hit it woth the seabird guano tea which is like 12 10 2 close to that there anything else I should add to the tea that would be high in k?
  11. I have a bottle of bloombastic which I havnt used yet..its super high in p and k...but they say use it in the fourth to sixth week of flower..any ill effect if I used it now? Or should I stick with the tea and see what happens.
  12. The problem i see is that if you add some of that seabird tea then toss in the bloombastic you will have too high of P. And, if you only add the seabird tea then you will face another deficiency in K most likely.

    I know it sounds odd but maybe try Miracle Grow for Tomato, very important you get the Tomato fert. Normally I DO NOT suggest MG but I tried it with my most recent grow and it did wonders, and at full strength (indoor plant recommended strength) I have not experienced any nute burn, but of course I started out at half strength and went to full after about 3 feedings. There are better nutes, like from Fox Farms, but the Tomato MG is fairly inexpensive and easy to get. One fertilizer and it gives your girls the exact nutes they need. Then use the bloombastic in flower like it says.
  13. I guess ill run by the hydro tonight and grab something with high k ...i wonder if pharmacutical potasium would work? I know the hydro probably has tons of stuff..ima pick up some micro nutes and cal mag

  14. Good choice. I am used to assuming folks don't have hydro stores around them, mainly cause I don't :smoke:! That's why I suggested the mg.
  15. So two days ago I brewed up a tea from peruvian seabird guano..i added great white shark myco...two days later shes thriving..when I read up on phos def it was spot on..had every symptom in the book...rust spots...small fan stems..looks like the 12 11 2 was what it needed

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