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  1. Is it a better theoretical idea to accept and live with the truths and facts that are in the world; or is it better to live life a guided, naïve life deprived of the truth?

    By the truth I mean such things as "the secret room" in the Vatican.

    The illuminati and political corruption.

    The idea and theory of Jesus, Mohammed, Allah, Buddha. Ect.

    The fact of artificial/hidden intelligence and super intelligent life beyond us.

    The theory or relativity. The theory of evolution.

    The concept of morality. The ideology of science and the basic fact of mathematics.

    My reason for asking is because it just seems too real. Life seems to me like it will only be a chapter in a long line of things to come in this universe. I simply cannot decide rather or not I should choose to care or ignore.

  2. Recently stumbled upon this after watching the series American horror story.

    "The pope's box is a very rare legend that originated when one of the cardinals that were being chosen as the pope, after he was chosen he leaked information. The information was about the legends on the letter that was supposedly written by Jesus himself about the end of the world. The letter spills the truth about the illuminati and the Antichrist during The Era of illumination which occurs during the corruptive fall of mankind. This was his attempt to destroy his "supposed" perfected organisms called humans; A species that could run themselves. It depicts the exact power, nature, intelligent and physical appearance of the anti-christ and his purpose in the letter. It also states about the history of the anti-christ and how he was half human and half spirit and both aspects gave him immortality and power, and a physical presence unlike ghosts. The spirit that sleeps with the human is believed to have messenger of the devil or has the letter claims "The seed of all evil." The letter that was passed on from pope to pope in the room next (The room of tears) to sistine chapel after he was chosen and the smoke was sent out from the chapel to let the people of vatican city to know that a pope had been chosen by the cardinals. He couldn't handle the shock of the information and thats the reason why he leaked it, he thought that the people deserved to know about this devastating event about the end of world. So they could prepare, but the letter was not meant to be activated and allowed for the knowledge of the people for long time so they couldn't prepare and revolt against the ultimate trial. The other cardinals and the roman catholic church couldn't allow him to do such a preposterous thing. So the morning before the news letters were supposed to be sent out from the vatican city, the pope was issued to death with any one else that was affiliated with the "scandal." They silenced the uprising right away, and only few know about it in vatican city where it started. They were allowed to keep their lives if they didn't speak a word about it. Thats why they skipped a pope in the history of the roman catholic church cause he was known as "The one that beget corruption."

  3. I wanna know the truth about everything you just posted.
    I hate that the government thinks we can't handle the truth.
  4. I know me too man. I definitely am not religious but I fully believe the illuminati conspiracy and this makes a whole lot of sense.

    Like obviously Jesus Christ came to earth. What or who he was and could do was clearly over exaggerated by under intelligent people and then re told by the Romans so who truly knows.

    And Area 51. There's so much denial happening from the gov that it's too obvious. I've personally seen what I believe to be a spacecraft.

  5. I could go either way with this, living in a civilized nation I want to know the truth and nothing less.  However I do wish I was born in one of those indigenousness tribes who have no contact with the first world, life would be so much more enjoyable imo. 
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    You had me at first but I think most of your points are trivial in the grand scheme of things. Are you more interested in political truth, academic truth, religious truth, scientific truth, universal truth or maybe just Truth? I was hoping to talk philosophy but this is going to quickly become solely about conspiratorial politics.
    But to answer your question I align myself with Truth and Order. I prefer being cynically informed than blissfully ignorant.
    Most can't, why do people think they're entitled to sensitive information?
    I'm sure you would love hunting the planes of Africa or sleeping on bugs in the rain forest when you're not at war with other tribes.
  7. Indeed it would. I often wish I could move abroad into the wild.

    I fully believe in government conspiracy but I don't actively engage in the common day though process of it.

    I am more interested in afterlife. And the Devine purpose having a mortal soul serves.

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    Are you deist, gnostic? Can you accept multiple truths? I'm convinced that 'soul' is a form of consciousness and we are connected to a Collective Conscious, something that can be tied into the God in a Abhramic sense. We share that consciousness and return to it. I could expand on this in some length while glossing over quantum physics, theoretical math and meta-physics but I also accept that my belief could be the mind making false correlation and blind belief to explain the unknown. Both are a personal Truth. If there is a divine purpose it is to live and record information via the consciousness into a universal 'annal'.
    As for afterlife I think we either return to the conscious, recycle to a new consciousness or simply stop existing. Again, somewhat petty in the grand scheme of things since I also believe in infinite possible probability and time as something non-linear, branching out as a web and existing in all points of time. Also the fact that our trace energy will continue to 'live' on until Entropy.
  9. I agree with your theory of collective consciousness

    I do however challenge the importance of mankind's scientific and mathematical advances as being anything more than collective knowledge as a whole in your theory.

    In a completely respectful and curious way.

    Yes we know advance sums of numbers and the equations that proceeds but there is clearly no possible existence of outer world communication.

    Anyone have a decent theory as to what the purpose of developed intelligence truly is? Because so far it's been said by many that our brains and brawn will kill us.

    I also largely believe in reincarnation but I am slightly confused as to multi-universal and interstellar reincarnation.

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    'Important' is subjective. To put it allegorically science is our Tower of Babel. However instead of trying to reach the Heavens we're trying to understand the Origin. Its a tool of understanding, without math we would have no concept of the Golden Ratio or 'divine numbers', something akin to natural beauty. This has nothing to do with the Collective Consciousness. what I said before was more meta. We collect information and act as personal observers to the consciousness. Observation is extremely important in theoretical math and has a possible change in the outcome of reality.
    If we're talking world lines it would be like one book trying to talking to another. I'm trying to avoid bullshit pseudo-science past meta-physics but since you're talking spirituality it opens the discussion of the Astral. There are many that would say they have reached other worlds via pharmacology or meditation. A personal truth to many but something that cannot be worldy tested.

    I don't think there is any purpose aside from being an observer, thinking we are special is folly. For every person we have 30 ghosts behind us considering the billions of people that lived yet in this egg shell sliver of a couple generations we have exponentially increased technology and knowledge. As I said with the Tower of Babel, either we will achieve evolutionary heights through technology and the pursuit of knowledge or we will burn the world down with us.
    I'm not sure how I can correlate this with purpose but I believe in a Yin and Yang of Chaos and Order, I mentioned before I stand with order. On one level we are random chaotic chemical reactions interacting with each other though a lens of reality, on another we're a species that is required to react with one another, naturally forming groups and links. The pursuit of knowledge and truth only comes with a self conscious intellect and wonder. I don't think it's a purpose, we are a product of natural process of chaos and order.

    The scale is just too large.
  11. Apathy > Ignorance
  12. It's probably better to know but it'd be better if everyone knew. As it stands you alienate yourself somewhat if you become too engrossed in the back story of everything. I do miss that magic. Over analyse like a crack fiend.
  13. @Vicious you seem to truly have a deep knowledge of the world around us. I admire that.

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    Just an observer with little to contribute besides reason and trivial knowledge. I've been more on a geopolitics and sociology kick, specifically psychology (my major) of control and information manipulation, which is why I tried to steer the topic away from conspiratorial politics. Its tiring talking of the media, bankers and military industrial complex. Though if you're looking to feed that curiosity I can surely dig up a couple things.
    Northwood is a good one; wagging the dog. This shows the lengths we will go to want to get into war. It was a false flag psyop designed to get is to war with Cuba which was never used. And people wonder why the government doesn't tell us everything.
    The truth is often odder than fiction. The CIA used 'modern art' to combat Russian ultra-realism during the Cold War.
    Counter-insurgency and dirty wars
    KGB defector talking about Ideological subversion, the Cold War and the CIA

    History leading up to WWII and the war
    I dislike 'elite' and illuminate talk but I have infographs for just about everything despite what I actually believe.
    You nailed it. I try not to go too far down one rabbit hole.
  15. What's the secret room?
    Religious myth, secret Vatican room where they supposedly hold religious artifacts; the grail, omitted parts of the bible, Christ's corpse, shit like that, who knows.
  17. The secret room is where the pope supposedly goes after he becomes indicted to open a box with a secret key that reveals the true secrets of the world and the nature of the antichrist.

  18. Now be careful siting inaccurate facts. The truth about the artifacts that people thought were hidden in the room have long since been revealed.

  19. The Vatican claims that the secret room is only responsible for the ceremonial speech that takes place after he becomes pope.

    They say that little more happens besides the pope receiving robes and citing words from previously a written speech.


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