Is It Better To Use A Floro Or Hid For Veg?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SendThePainBelo, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. My set up is a closet with a 1000w light and ballast (I have both a hps and hid bulb) and a germination station with a 6500k floro. My growing partner has been using the floro for 90-100% of the plants veg and then moving them into the closet for flower. I want to instead use the floro for maybe 2-3 weeks of veg and then use the 1000w hid for the rest of veg then just switch the bulb to hps when they are ready to flower.. My partner argues that the dead time we will have from using the closet for veg isn't worth the gains we would see. What would you think is the best bet? THanks!


  2. Floros for sprouts/seedlings because you can get em so close without burning em then once they are established veg under hid.

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