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Is it a waste to snort xanax?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ascentof, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. I have heard there is some reason that it is better to take xanax orally raather than snorting them. Not because it is healthier, but because the xanax losses some effects when you snort them? Is that true? Because I really would prefer to snort them.

  2. Stop being a tweak and eat the shit, go buy some other shit to snort, some shit that belongs up your nose.;)
  3. Well I wouldnt call it "wasting" but it certainly isnt any good.Just pop them man,I used to snort pills but they have fillers and some may be bad snorting.

    Xanax for example has alot of fillers/binder in it.
  4. Wasting it no

    Crackish, yes
  5. yes, it is wasteful.
  6. I wouldn't do it unless I only had a very small amount that I wouln't feel if I ingested it.
  7. 1st. I am prescribed 4- 2MG Xanax each day. For all you idiots, that is the BAR looking one, or the equivalent of 2 blue 1 MGs. (Also, I realize that these may come in other shapes and or color)

    2nd ... I have snorted Xanax for years, even before becoming prescribed to them ... You get high, just make sure that you snort it hard..... Because YES, it probably has something to do with some going to my stomach, and some going to my mouth, and some goin wherever it goes ..... BUT YES, snorting works, but gives you a HIGH, noticable in your eyes .... If that is not your purpose, then don't do it, you just do not have to risk it .... One last thing about Snorting .... And I am sure this is an absorbsion thing .... When I snort my Xanax, I seem to be able to operate better..... I Use sublingual technique to go to sleep.

    3rd..... If you Just want you Xanax to work faster, then please do not snort the pills, use them sublingually (Under the tounge), this especially works if you take Klonopin (Clonazepam) ..... Taking your Xanax this way will mellow you out quickly AND your doctor will not care (Some suggest this method), but to some, this may also lay them right back in bed ..... for those ... take a small amount under the tounge and just swallow the remainder ....

    4th Beer + Xanax = VERY HIGH ..... You will forget what happened, but probably have one hell of a time .... THIS IS NOT FOR NEWBIES TO XANAX or beer for that matter ..... THIS CAN EASILY BE USED AS A DATE RAPE DRUG ... CAUTION!!!! .... IT IS POWERFUL .... If you want to try this method ... start small and work up. Even small amounts of alcohol have big affects. ..... Have a close friend observe to make sure you're not just acting a fool ..... RAGE is a common issue, and it is rage that will put you in jail ..... Just watch it

    5th .... If you really came here for advise on Xanax .... it is great for people who have anxiety, panic attacks, things that seem to be instintaneous ... Xanax is quick, and works ..... If you are looking for something to help you for a longer time ... maybe try Clonazepam/Klonopin ..... it works for anxiety somewhat, but last much much longer than Xanax ....

    6th ... Xanax + Other Downers (Oxy/Hydrocodone or others) .... RISKY ... know what you are doing ..... start small, build up .... THERE IS A BIG RISK OF BREATHING ISSUES ... YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BREATHE IF YOU DEPRESS YOURSELF TOOOOOO MUCH ....

    NOTE: Doctors are not you ... they go by test and what you tell them ... BE HONEST ... If you care about yourself, and your health .... There is no problem with a bit of fun, but know the risk .... Knowledge really is Power ....

    NOTE 2 .... I am not a doctor, I do not condone nor not condone the use of these medications how YOU do ..... But no one needs to hurt themselves .... fun is fun .... but please, be safe, and the best way to be safe again is with KNOWLEDGE .....

    PS: Current Trip Report (As they are called) ..... I am half way through a mixture of 2 types of xanax .... half a 2MG bar, and 1 - 1MG Blue pill .... so 2MG in total .... I Snorted the first half, and am already relaxed .... Once I finish ... I will be relaxed ...... I should not drink after this .... Smoking will relax me more ..... But no alcohol, unless I have people to take my car keys ....


  8. It is wasteful as it will not be absorbed by the lining of your nostrils and sinuses. The only thing you'll get out of snorting xanax is whatever drips down your throat. SB is the best route of administration.
  9. I consider it a waste.

    Even if it works a little..there is always 1-2 more effective methods available. Unless your mouth is sewn shut..
  10. do not snort, xanax is not water-soluble and snorting stuff is just bad for your nose anyways. your nose is not made to snort things.

  11. First this was a nice post. On taking it with alcohol, this is the best way to take xanies.. Yes especially your first time drinking and xanax. The first time i ever ate xanax i had a bar, and 2 beers and 1 shot. And I was FUCKED up. Didnt remember anything the next day, just that i had a great night.. :).
    A good rule of thumb is the more you drink, the less xanax you should take, and vice versa..

    I just think the thing you have to watch out for the most is how often you take it, if your not scripted for it. If you can control how often you take it, its fairly safe, because they ARE highly addictive.

    But i fuckin love em:hello: Right now im on 4 bars, and been blazin alot:smoking:
    Lol i wish i had some beer right now, that would be perfect. Im drinkin white grapefruit juice, dont know how much it actually potentiates it but i feel....:cool::smoking: and:D

    hope it made sense i forgot what else i was gonna type i had alot to say
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