Is It A Good Idea To Nute After Topping?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bobbobbobbob6666, May 28, 2013.

  1. I've topped my 2.5 week old plant and let it recover for like 5 days until it had developed two main stems about 2 cm long each... Is it a good idea to feed it with "Bio-Bizz Growth Organic Nutes" with an NPK value of 3-0-8 or should I let it grow a bit more in order not to shock it??
    BTW It's the first time I'm feeding this plant, almost 3 weeks old with only fresh water...

  2. Probably will need it if your soil doesn't have nute balls in it.
  3. Personally i have always given nutes before i top'd but im unaware if it makes a difference. Since you are feeding for the first time, make sure u only give 1/4-1/2 strength. Then up it a little more at your next feeding.
  4. what have u decided to do?
    Well the soil has some nute balls in them, I think they were enough for like the first 3 weeks but I'm not sure..
    1/4-1/2 strength of what? of the recommended dose with bio-bizz for a plant on his 3rd week using the chart they sell with the nute or what? It says on the chart I got with the nutes that on the 3rd week I should feed 1ML FOR 1 Liter of water, but that's the schedule for the 3rd week while 2nd week says 1/2ML for 1 Liter of water... What should I do? Thanks :)
  6. whatever it says on the bottle of bio-bizz, cut it in half. I havent personally used bio-bizz before, but start it at the lowest feeding schedule. Reguardless of age. If it says for the first week feed in 1/2ml, i would feed it 1/4ml per litre, then up it from there. Its always easier to feed a plant more, but its impossible to take it away.
  7. Alright I'll start feeding on the next watering!
    Do you recommend feeding every watering or every second watering?
  8. BUMP
    How often should I feed? every feed?

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