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Is it cheating sending another girl text messages when you have a girlfriend?

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  2. Who fucking cares?

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  1. Is it cheating if you have a girlfriend and you send another girl text messages? Not crude or sexual messages just friendly chat? Is this tanatamount to cheating or is it just like talking to a friend? opinions please
  2. Havent spoken to her personally just emails and text messages. my girlfreind saw a message from said friend when she was pissed off her face saying she really liked me, girlfriend thinks i'm cheating, came very close to loosing a 1 year relationship last night!
  3. my god, how could it possibley be cheating?? your not doing anything, and even if it was "crude or sexual" your not doing anything, get over it
  4. That was kind of what i thought but I didnt wanna say it to my girl because I love her more than anything in the world and I dont wanna loose her...
  5. I havent exchanged bodily fluids with anyone other than my girl and there is no way I would put some bint on the net over my girl in a physical love sense....

    I define cheating as going out and fucking someone else, I didnt realise that a text message and an email constituted this!
  6. nope..... unless you start stalking said girl, but t hen would stalking be classified as cheating? :D
  7. I'm not planning on stalking anyone, I dont even know where this girl lives....

    This is starting to get a bit worrying though... Who are you stalking man?

  8. HAHA! thank you Bill Clinton! :smoking:

    ... and no, that ain't cheatin, sounds like you gotta a paranoid g/f
  9. no its not...
  10. Ok so everyone so far has said its not cheating, so who voted yes in the poll? lol
  11. its not cheating. you obviously have a girlfriend who gets extremely jealous..thats something you guys need to talk about. work that out, use this to do it, and I think you should be ok :)
  12. I would say no, but i said, who fukin cares...It's TEXT. So if you type to people on grasscity forum are you cheating if one happens to be a girl? NO, so why would a text message be any different?
  13. hmm... i obviously need to stop giving my mobile number to some silly bitch whos gonna text me when shes off her face saying she really likes me and thinks i'm wonderful! i think that might have something to so with it!

    It doesnt help that my girlfriend texted the silly bitch who then went off on one saying she was my girlfriend and that I was going to leave my girl for her, what a big fucking mess!
  14. Being accused of cheating sux. But why are you meeting girls over the internet and giving them personal information about yourself (cellphone number) in the first place? No, its not cheating but it certainly sounds like your shopping around for something more interesting.

    Maybe thats why your gf is mad. Try to see things from her perspective.

  15. This is the thing see, I didnt actually give her my number, i signed up to the boltblue blogs without knowing that people can email and text you from there.... It went on from there and shafted me quite majorly.

    I love my girl more than anything in the world and nothing comes before her.... I tried telling her this....
  16. Maybe after seeing how concerned you are, she'll understand all of this...I mean look at who you're telling? Granted I haven't been here long, but it seems like people here are one big family, and you are telling us this and your concern...If she reads this maybe she'll understand that you really do care, and would hate to loose her. That might be all she needs, is to know that you REALLY CARE! It's worth a shot, but hen again, I'm a little odd in approaching issues most of the time. Good Luck, and hope everything goes well...Peace WG
  17. No! Course ya not cheating but if your girlfriend is getting jealous then i would do it on the side so she doesn't realise it will be for the best as it seems your girl has alot of jealousy and might think that you want this other girl which you might who knows it simple though you should be able to sort this one out it happens. Update us on your progress Retard ;)

  18. we are! welcome! :D

  19. Ditto :D
  20. I havent been here long either but it is nice to know that you can say something honestly and not be judged, or judged openly anyway, I know that some of you are problably thinking you reep what you sow and some of you arent, but everyone is honest and open with their opinions, if only the rest of the world smoked dope!

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