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is he stoned???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. yet, technically..the bowl is packed, the nasty ass telemagikal squealflute fillibuster jenkins is ready...of course..i havent changed the bongwater in two weeks...its lookin pretty much like ass...but, its actually starting to taste good..except when i accidentally chug a good portion of it by clearing it too hard...i decided to pull the bowl out and clear it like a slide...but...well...gulp gulp gulp..cough cough cough, is pretty much how it went.

    so, ive decided to play a gonna continue ranting, and you get to guess when you think im stoned
    ive also had a lot of shit on my mind...this is probably going to wind up seeming like some sort of diary entry unless i get stoned ill do a rundown, incase i dont get stoned quick
    i dont have a job
    cant find a job
    tried like fuck
    got court next tuesday
    took a girls virginity and i dont really know if i love her
    i care about her
    but i dont get butterflies and shit
    i feel fucking terrible
    its frustrating, i feel like im fucking broken or something, ever since evilexgirlfriend i havent been able to feel anything like butterflies, no nothing.

    i dont have a job, but, ive got the money for the ticket, i worked for it...i dont have a job, but i have shit to do for money....well..i DO have a job, but no hours....ive been everywhere putting in applications, everywhere that doesnt drug test that is.

    it seems like the only thing productive in my life is smoking weed to clear my head, and lifting weights :p, im actually starting to notice a change...but, i guess its prolly just cuz ive never stuck with it like i have this time

    she was good though, better than i expected

    HOLY JESUS IM STONED!!!! were supposed to guess...
    this is a pre rant rant, up next, rant rant
  2. yo them butterflies are COOL AS FUCK!
    Especially when ur high! they are trippy lil butterflies in ur stomach! HOW DID THEY GET INTHERE!? IM GONNA DIE OF BUTTERFLY INFESTATION AAAH

  3. What do you have court for Namron? Remember, the next week will always be better than the last.
  4. speeding ticket, my father has decided to take it to court...see if he can keep it off of insurance...

    but...the rant is slowly forming in my mind, like the bubbles of smoke rippling through the surface tension of bongwater.
  5. its a shame about the girl, an a shame about the butterflies.
    whats done is done,
    i know youll be kind its obvious you care about her or it wouldnta bothered you in the least.
    good luck, an change yer bong water more often *yuck*lol
  6. hey... don't worry 'bout them damn butterflies... sometimes it just takes time :) it's obvious that you care for her, so that's a start. keep positive. i know how it is with getting no hours (going through the same over here)....

    good luck with everything :D
  7. im not going to break up with her or anything...thatd be dumb, and just gonna see what happens...

    oh, and last night...i managed to half ass eek out a stoned was the most stoned i have ever been in my entire life, fucking awesome...reality and dreams blurred
  8. what the fuck are butterflies?
  9. i'm gonna guess u were stoned right around here: "its frustrating, i feel like ....."
  10. ^^definitely a noob at the whole Love thing

    all in all, i feel you broseph, i just got over an extremely tough time in my life (probation, relationship problems, grades in the shitter) and let me just tell you right now that eventually it will get better, it just takes time

    gl and keep tokin:smoking:
  11. new breed of fly, they produce butter so now... yea..

    ... little bugs, big wings, real cool to look at...
  12. butterflys used to be called: "flutterbys". Somehow the B and F got switched around. I mean flutterby makes more sense than butterfly, eh?
  13. total mind blow mannn.........^^^
  14. I thought this was gonna be a totally different thread from the title. I thought it'd be a rant for those of us who are the 'token stoner' in their group of friends...and when you're with your non smoking friends you're always the one they ask to tell them whether so-and-so is high.
  15. This thread is REALLY old...
  16. FUCK

    asi was reading this out of nowhere a fucking bowl half fullof salso felloff my tv stand like 4 feet up and landed on my sub woofer where my tea pot (yea a tea pot) wasnadbroke the fuckingh nadleon top to use to remove it...

    fucker!!! lol teap ot had lots of sedimentalvalue too :(

    sorry to hi jack ur thread
  17. dude, that's some trippy shit.
  18. i hate it when people constantly ask me if im high if i do so much as laugh too hard at something or if my eyes are a LITTLE bit squinty or red. im not high ALL the time fuckers
  19. yea tihs thread is old but still has some meaning i mean those buttterflies arnt just gonna happen you have to look and remmeber what you love about her

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