Is Growing Worth It Anymore???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mathematics, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. What's Up Guys

    This is my 1st post here at GC(or anywhere for that matter), I don't usually post on forums but I wanted to get some feed back from you guys on here.

    Without indulging into too much information. I wanted to know if growing is worth the time, effort, money, and most of all, the RISK if your sole purpose is strictly profit? I'm not a big user at all and it takes me about 2 weeks just to smoke 1 blunt/joint. Therefore, marijuana to me is only about PROFIT and PROFIT only!

    With the prices of high grade, top quality weed being at a all time low in Cali right now due to the glut of growers and high competition, wouldn't it make sense for a person like me to just buy from Cali and ship( I have my methods) back home. I rather let someone else take that risk of growing it and avoid the setup cost, harvest times( can sell 20x as much by the time I wait on a low yielding harvest) high power bills, and nosey ass neighbors and landlords.

    What do you guys think....Sorry for the long post I just wanted to make sure I got my point across.
  2. Quite honestly I could never recommend someone to grow if you have landlords. But if you do it right, the risks should be low and you shouldn't have any problems. A typical small grow setup would easy to conceal and hide without much problems, as long as you take measures to absorb/cover smell.

    You could spend anywhere from 100 to 1000 dollars on a grow setup and it would pay itself off very quickly. However, spending a few hundred on plane tickets, shipping methods, and bud would add up quickly if you start smoking more. And I would argue that it is more risky to go fly to cali, and transport weed by shipping than to have a box in a room for 3 months that you have to keep a secret, and occasionally water.

    I used to drive hours to get my weed and while it did make me a great law abiding driver, it was too much in gas, miles, and stress to make it a regular thing.

    You also are not supposed to discuss selling on here, but if your motives are for profit, I could not see a better way than growing. At the start, you might have to wait for your first harvest, but after that, with how little you smoke, you could easily last each subsequent harvest. And best of all, there are few things more satisfying than smoking your own bud grown by your own hands.
  3. Thanks for the input

    I wasn't aware that discussing selling was not allowed on here so apologies goes to the mods

    Keep in mind though that this is all about PROFIT, I wouldn't care if I ever smoked weed again for the rest of my life, its no big deal to me. In my part of the country (down south) high grade goes for about 6-8K per pound and 6-700 per oz.(depending on strain). So these are the prices I'm paying right now. So with Cali being anywhere from 2-3.5K per pound it will be EXTREMELY profitable!!!
  4. Yeah... Bad idea to come on here and talk about dealing and stuff... Your gonna get banned.

    I suppose I could lightly touch the topic as RongBip did, but I am in no way saying you should distribute your bud.

    If you have your own place and you keep your mouth shut, you can safely have a 1000 watt grow in your basement without any problems. Pay your bills and keep to yourself and everything as far as risk is EXTREMELY LOW.
    Now... You have a thousand watt grow, you set up a couple clone mothers aside from that grow and get a perpetual cycle going. Once dialed in, you could be pulling in two pounds every harvest.


    Rounding WAY up I'll say your grow costs you $100 a month to operate on the electric bill and you aren't the DIY type of guy so you payed a good $1000 to get your grow room up and running.

    Your first harvest comes in of say only twenty-four ounces, 8 LESS THAT WHAT YOUR GOING TO BE GETTING AFTER A COUPLE GROWS, you sell 5 ounces at $300 a piece and you have covered everything you have spent so far with 19 ounces left over. You decide to get rid of them for cheap and go with $1000 dollar qp's and you just made $4000 dollars profit with 3 ounces still left over for yourself to smoke between the next pay period. NOT that you would...

    Once your grow is dialed in your cropping out at over $8000 a harvest. I don't know what your connects are, but in order to make a $7800 dollar profit in 2 months from slanging some cali buds, your gonna be big... Too big... 'n' your gonna get caught. The risk is SO much higher for the "dealing" route than if you were to grow and sell your own buds. It's a plant dude, it takes nothing to make and sells for more than the price of gold...
  5. i kinda agree with these guys but you have to really be into growing or it will not work....its not as easy as everyone thinks when they first start...If anything goes wrong it will set you took me 3 good harvest before i could even get anything worthwhile.

    i am a medical patient and only grow for personal medical reasons...i keep to myself and follow the laws when i am outside of my house...i feel that within the boundaries of my home i am safe as long as nobody else knows about it.

    keep your mouth shut especially if you are only doing it for profit...

    i would say NO don't do it its not worth it for you...unless you like me and you say fuck it

  6. i live in the triangle and most of the "home indoor" ops have gone under. The only real profitable people are people that have friends on the other coast.
  7. I started my grow in April. It's now August and I still haven't a single bud to show for it. I've been sexing plants, pulling males and saving all females. It's not that easy to grow a plant. Like the others have said it takes a lot of dedication to the plant and yourself.
  8. nope nope nope first thing no talking about selling. Another thing make sure the crop has been chopped before you open up shop! Selling and growing is a big no no. In the top three no no's for a safe grow environment. 1. Tell no one you grow. B. Never sell if your growing. And last but not least 3. Take care of that smell! (and yes a few plants will smell the whole house)

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