Is "god " real?

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    OK, I just watched a movie called The Quantum Activist (thank you Smokeethebear). Amazingly, this movie agreed with most of what I believe to be true already.. However he puts it in much better words and uses evidence to "prove" it.

    Bare with me here.. This may be a long post.

    OK, imagine everything is created by/from a consciousness. In order for anything to be created, it must start with a consciousness. I'm sure a lot of you understand this concept, but for those of you that don't: If creation were to begin with a cell, rather than a consciousness, where do you believe the consciousness comes from? I'm curious to hear opinions on this.

    Now, consciousness is always existing, correct? But we ask where does it come from? Well, mystics will believe it is a higher being. Skeptics will believe it is a figment of our imagination.

    Is it possible that they are both correct? Maybe "god's" creation of this world is only an imagination of his "world"? Maybe consciousness begins life by imagination.. In otherwards, we are all imagining our existence, because "god" created our imagination through his (consciousness).

    Now, some may think this sounds crazy, but ask yourself this. What is reality? Please post your thoughts.

    Some may say, but if "god" exists, why is there so much evil in the world? Well I believe he blessed us with free will. He allowed us to decide our own life to live. Now, it is possible that there is a "natural disaster like asteriod destroys the human race" or an "apocalypse" if you were to believe this. Maybe these occurences are just him losing faith in us and "wiping the slate".

    Basically, what I am saying is imagine (convenient word choice, eh?) the universe. Now imagine (;) )it is a figment of our creators imagination within his own "brain".

    I'm interested to hear what you guys think. Am I just really stoned? Or do you agree I'm on to something?:smoke:
  2. I'd like to add this could even agree with the theory that we are all god, and we are all 1. Us being "god" in this instance would be free will.
  3. I believe everything is conscious. Everything that is conscious doesn't have to be intelligent.
  4. Some less than than others ;)
  5. People say the word God is to religious, I think that is bold. God is Universal for All that IS.
  6. I'd like to edit this part a little after finishing this movie (which I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend ).

    These causes of evilness are caused from our ego's. Consider your ego reality. It is what we "physically" see, and create as "real". We, as humans are causing these wrong doings to happen. Our free will is the only possibility of self destruction (I mean this in a mankind kind of way). These events of war and natural disaster are all caused because we choose to steer away from our connectedness (consciousness).

    We need to evolve into one. A species that accepts everyone (especially your enemy). Evil is the product of moving away from our consciousness, relying on your ego. The moment we can all accept that we are all one,connected through consciousness, is the moment we are in true heaven. :)
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    Imagine we didn't use the word intelligent. Would life then be considered experiences? As in life=a sum of your experience, regardless of others experience.

    Now, what do we call these sums of experience? Well there is a word for it. It's called ego. Now you have a consciousness, and an ego. The consciousness keeps us connected. We are god with only consciousness. However that is not possible, which is why we create ego's.

    As you move to relying on your ego, you steer away from your connectedness (consciousness). This is how war and other terrible tragedies happen. Once you no longer accept your connectedness, you begin to only care for yourself.

    Do you see what I'm trying to say here? It isn't about who is smarter. We ALL have a consciousness. We just need to accept that with faith, and we are 1 (heaven).
  8. Roger Wolcott Sperry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This man actually IS a scientist.
  9. Good points. But, what I meant by everything is conscious. That ALL, the whole of the universe even a rock, a tear drop is conscious some degree. Consciousness coincides with existence
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    Do believe rocks are conscious?

    Edit: Whoops. You just answered my question in another post. What is your reason for believing rocks are conscious when we know brains are required for consciousness? Here's what conscious means, for ease of discussion:

    1. aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
    2. fully aware of or sensitive to something (often followed by of ): conscious of one's own faults; He wasn't conscious of the gossip about his past.
    3. having the mental faculties fully active: He was conscious during the operation.
  11. I said to a degree
  12. AMAZING. So this is supporting the theory of ego and soul (consciousness) correct?

    It's amazing how in this movie (The quantum activist) he explains how they do a study based on unlocalised connectedness (higher consciousness). Now they have two people sit rather close to each other and meditate for 20 minutes (they also are using EKG machine to measure brainwaves).

    The machine shows a rather similar brainwave pattern when localised (same room). Then they separate the patients by placing one in a non-magnetic wavelength room. The results were not as similar, but still showed rather distinct similarities.. What this is theoretically proving, is that there IS some kind of inter connectedness between consciousness, and has nothing to do with magnetism (electricity/brain). Amazing..

    I don't even know where to look to find experiment studies but I will try..
  13. Or maybe there's a common difference between brain waves during active thought and brain waves during meditation!?!? :eek:
  14. What is consciousness? You lacked a definition in there, it would be nice to know what you think it is. Cognitive neuroscience and cognitive psychology give us the neuronal outlook of higher consciousness. Is consciousness part of your lower brain functions ie Brainstem? Or is it only relational to our higher/upper cortical areas of the brains? Is being aware consciousness or just being aware of being aware? Has consciousness ever been shown to be outside of a living computer? How in the world would something related to the use of glucose to drive a biological supercomputer with electrochemical messages being exchanged between nueronets be attributed to creation? I like the thought on philosophical grounds though, just personally can't vibe with it (I'm sure my wife will dig it though we are complete opposites on this stuff:)).
  15. Say we all came from the same place. Like not that I believe but, the big bang. Everything was once everything, right. So this I'm assuming makes everything conscious to a degree, just not intelligent(evolution) to realize it. Maybe I'm totally off here.. ah
  16. There's nothing that implies consciousness at the beginning, so the conclusion that everything was conscious when it started isn't very convincing.
  17. But, does consciousness just 'turn on' at some point, or has it always been? Like when does a baby first become conscious, in the womb or out?
  18. Well I believe full consciousness is truly our creator, local consciousness being our ability to live, and also what we hold to create reason and morals.

    Now for where is it. I believe every cell in our bodies are made from consciousness. Regardless of what it is made of, where do you believe it came from?
  19. [FONT=&quot]Consciousness is aware of itself as an experience between itself and the environment in which it exists, it is a ‘self-awareness' having the capacity for understanding, but.. the understanding of, and organization of, information acquired through awareness, inwardly from or outwardly from the perspective that is conscious, that understanding and organization are elements of intelligence.. intelligence, like awareness, is an inherent attribute of consciousness, and the inherent attributes of awareness and intelligence may be dormant or active without negating the experience that informs consciousness of its existence.. my definition.[/FONT]
  20. This is a similar question I asked my self..

    Now lets imagine conception. The sperm hits the egg. BAM. Life. Now I have to assume that sperm AND egg each have a piece of the key to consciousness. The moment they connect, consciousness is born.

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