Is god real if you see him while you're high?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Aurora, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. The title question may sound a bit comical but seriously . . . people all throughout the world and throughout most religions, have been know to use drugs as a medium for making contact with their believed gods or to gain spiritual enlightenment.

    My question is . . . if all most believers of any given religion have to rely on is their faith in their supposed god then does being under the influence of a drug (peyote, marijuana or otherwise) make their religious experience at all valid?

    I mean, if you eat Peyote and trip out and claim to have spoken with god, is it that you believe in your heart and soul that you spoke to god or is it that you were simply just tripping out? Does the experience in a sense, count?
  2. Hmm...I would have to say no. Why would God only talk to people on drugs? Plus, that dragon I saw on Dramamine wasn't real, so why would God be if I saw him too?
  3. all I know is that YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU SEE HIM.
    you will not have doubts.
    and I dont even believe...but I guess thats what it would take for me to. this is what I know though.
  4. What is real?

    Really break the question down too? Sight, touch, smell, taste, and hear...

    Do these senses make something real, its how we most often judge what is in terminology real and not real... But, these senses are simply electrical impulses to our brain, such images as God / a white light / Images flashing in your mind have been induce in some cases to several people using the same fequencys of electricity and such in a secluded room...

    Was it real?

    As for your question, that's entirley based on your beliefs...

  5. Maybe god thinks of drug users as better than everyone else and are the only ones worthy of his time.:) Oh and by the way, Yes!:)
  6. My 3 cents:

    God is the incarnation of a hallucination, and a misguided realization. People realized that there is "one" powerful entity. This is how all religions were formed. Hallucinogenics bring about a feeling of "oneness", of one higher power. What I have come to realize is that WE (our consciousnesses) are the higher power. We are "God".
  7. if it gets you through, then yes.. simple.. believe what you want, whatever helps you through life that is what is.. nothing else
  8. yo man, if you saw god all i can say much of that shit do you have left? but seriously, while mary jane is great we must recognize that what we see under the influence is not real, as great as it may be. weed is an enhancer and its not a religious experience very often

  9. whoa man, if you can see shit on the weed you smoke, hook it up phat! :D

    I have a feeling many of us were referring to heavier psychedelic drugs (mushrooms, mescaline, LSD)...Or am I in the wrong forum? :p
  10. Is god real if you see him while you're high?

    aska rasta!

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