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Is FIM the same as LST and topping?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tokinLT, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Is FIM the same as LST and topping?
  2. Well first things first FIM and topping are both styles of LST the really involve the same process of cutting through the main stem and created more main branches (to increase yield potential)

    The difference between the two is that FIM involves literally (Fuck I Missed) in that you dont get the hole stem. This happened to be lol haha but I did it really badly and it took a while for her to recover and two of them were not very big.

    This link should help show you the difference
  3. in your opinion which would be more beneficial?

  4. I have used everything to train a plant you could think of. Super cropping which is on display in my journal currently. Scrog which is also on my display currently. FIM which is on display currently also, LST, paperclips, rope, twist ties, etc. Almost all of these are on display in my journal for you to see. I will also gladly make a vid for anyone that needs help in these areas.

    One more thing that you might take interest in is one of my last post's in my journal where I discuss DM Liquid Light and what it does. Not having enough branches is now a thing of the past, figuring out what to do with them all is the current problem. And as you know, more branches equals more flowers;)

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