Is Ecstasy a good idea??

Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Ok so im bout to get off house arrest on sunday and im leavin for Texas with my family early Monday morning about like 6 in the morning. Im still on probation tho till December and me and my friend who was also on house arrest till today wanna do suttin fun sunday night. I get drug tested tho so i know ecstasy supposedly gets outta your system in like 4 days and i doubt they will come to my house and test me B4 6 in the morning and i wont even be home till like 5:30. So basically im askin if ecstasy will FOR SURE be outta my system after the two weeks of bein in Texas??? Cuz they havent tested me in about a month (i failed the last one for weed which is why i was on house arrest) and im guessin they will when i get back cuz i just got off house arrest and all... I dunno plz tell me what you guys think.
  2. i think, no matter what the circumstances, no ecstasy.
  3. y is that?? its either ecstasy or shrooms or if it comes down to it that we cant either of those DXM or alcohol but my friend quit drinkin :( and i gave up ne kinda scripts.
  4. shrooms sound like a better idea
  5. Umm or both.... lol nah just playin i dunno i LOVE E i have never done shrooms b4 tho... depends on which one we can get i guess.
  6. Skip the E and do shrooms instead. You won't regret it. :)
  7. both shrooms and e should be outta your system within 3 days (e can stay for up to 5 with heavy use)
  8. skip the E, skip the shrooms
    if you need ne pointers, let me know
  9. My vote goes for shrooms.

  10. Bad advice! DXM's hard on you and not nearly as fun as mushrooms. they're a real trip! Who knows you may even come out of the experiance with a new take on life and shit. Shrooms are always nice, plus you get visuals. just relax your eyes and look nto patterns and shit, and it just blows your mind.
  11. ya I did DXM to prep myself for shrooms which I'm doing on friday.
    It was aight.

    But ya stick with Shrooms for a drug thats fun, and that you won't have to worry about on a drug test.
  12. fuk that buy a box of cordin cough and cold (DXM) and take 10 then when ur comin down take the E then eat like 1/8 of shrooms goto really bad part of town and lay in the street and wait for a cop and be like dude im on so many drugs and my parents arent home and shoot him steal his car and go home no just do the dxm. E and shrooms though do it all
  13. dude luke i just saw ur site holy shit thats some badass tricks im going to start practing that shit thats badass
  14. Take the E and don't have a worry in the world. It is the best effect in the world i think and i'm clean high on it now as fuck.....:D

    Gotta love the weeknds.
  15. both


  16. Shit, shrooms? Ex? DXM? Booze? Do it all!

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