is ebola anything I should worry bout?

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  1. K im sure all of you have been hearin bout this ebola. With all the coverage from the media, some of you are having mixed thoughts about it. Some say its fear mongering and the rest think its a huge crisis.

    Lets get real here, is this something I should worry about it. What really pisses me off. This bitch gets on the plane with ebola and CDC didnt catch it before it had flew 5 more times since then. She prob just killed us all...
  2. At my age I worry more about a bad cold.
  3. They need to find a cure. There is no other way...
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    "That bitch" actually asked if she could fly and she was given permission. Don't be so disrespectful when you don't even know the facts. Anyway, the CDC in the U.S. is at fault because they handled the whole situation terribly and was even giving false information at first on how it's spread. Hospitals weren't even prepared for an outbreak whatsoever. According to nurses that had the first patient in Dallas, it can be described as "chaotic and a hot mess". So, blame the government. To answer your question, a lot of people don't know what's going to happen but it's certain there will be more cases. Where? We don't know.
  5. Not unless you live in West Africa. Honestly, I walked by a TV set at the gym that was turned to CNN and I was actually taken aback by the absurd, alarmist propaganda they were pushing. I did a double take, initially thinking that I was watching satire. It should be the mission of journalists to deliver information in a sober, objective manner. They definitely should not be ginning up hysteria. Walter Cronkite is turning in his grave.
  6. It is not an airbourne disease. It has to be transferred by bodily fluids. If you are in West Africa, you should be EXTREMELY concerned.
    Over here on the western continents, I don't think its that bad yet. Unless a group of ebola carriers piss in our water supply.
  7. She treated an ebola patient. Suddenly she gets ill... common sense says she prob shouldnt have boarded a plane. Yea, that bitch...
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    She asked the CDC to take the flight. There could of been others who did the same thing but weren't sick or showing symptoms. Do you see the government trying to control this? No. They did everything poorly. You also have regular people from the U.S. going to Africa and knew what was going on. Might as well call them bitches too.
  9. Please... Just like we were all gonna get the bird flu..
    And swine flu...
    And mad cow...
    And West Nile...
    And E. Coli. from spinach...
  10. Ebola is fake you dont have to worry and unless you want toxic shut in your system dont get the vaccine when it comes out, as you would know if you looked it up about the swine flu that was all a conspiracy by the CDC ..... Hold on some men in black suits are knocking at my door

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  11. I think its just another scare like the swine flu. 
    People are gettin paranoid talkin about fema camps plans. But if I was to catch it then I would rely on my immune system, drink a bunch of v8.
  12. Nothing to worry about yet, but that being said hundreds of people from parts of Africa fly here everyday.  Since symptoms take 3-21days(don't quote) to show its difficult to tell who has it.  Ebola is not contagious unless a patient has symptoms, therefore the only people that need to be worried are doctors and nurses caring for ebola patients.
    Reason 4000+ people have died in Africa is simply because they don't have enough experienced doctors to treat people.  Let alone the equipment.  I don't see why the US government doesn't send 1 trillion dollars in aid right now.  It would help tremendously.
  13. I treat every case like this like the moral to the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf .

    But then again I live in ct where the Yale students fresh outta Liberia came back to campus and tested negative for Ebola .

    But then again my brother is pretty sick .

    But then again this sickness is related to his muscle condition .

    But then again . . . Who knows .

    I clean table ... I clean mouth ... You breathe deep
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    One thing I've learned from living outside the US is that Americans are PARANOID AS FUCK. The majority of the population literally thinks everything is trying to kill them. I wouldn't worry about it.. But then again.. Who am I to say that? I live in the Schengen territory for the next year

    Happy toking!

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  15. yes. you're going to die

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  16. Quick, build a doomsday bunker, stock up on food an ammunition!
  17. I don't get why so many people are fucking with this guy for asking a question about safety. I'm sure everybody else has a question where the Internet will think they're an over cautious pussy too. Ebola can kill you but probably won't if you get it. Do research and decide for yourself
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    You just proved yourself to be a complete asshole.

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