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Is eating cannabutter as medicinal as hash oil?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by RasVibez, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. In the documentary Run From the Cure Rick Simpson shows how cancer & many other diseases can be cured by ingesting large amounts of cannabis made into hash oil, which he calls hemp oil. I was wondering if cannabis butter would have similiar effects if the equal amount of cannabis was consumed since it's more intended for eating as oppossed to hash oil which most people smoke, & since it's safer to make.

    Hash oil seems best for topical application to skin cancers & moles but for internal disease it seems to me like cannabutter should do the same thing since it's the same active ingredients. I wonder how the potency of hash oil compares to cannabutter when eaten as well.
  2. Hash oil is a much more concentrated % of THC
  3. I know but what I'm asking is would say a gram of herb made into cannabutter & eaten be as medicinal as a gram of herb made into hash oil & eaten. I know that the physical amount of hash oil produced would be less cause it's more concentrated.
  4. My guess is the bioavailability is the same but ingesting hash oil will get it into the system faster since it is more concentrated.
  5. Rick Simpson hemp oil is much more concentrated than cannabis-based edibles, but ingesting cannabis in that regard still has medicinal properties.
  6. Obviously it wouldn't be as medicinal because hash oil is much more highly concentrated.
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    Cannabis tincture gets into the system faster if you use it under your tongue.
    The alcohol base is absorbed more quickly than ingesting the oil, which takes longer to be absorbed into the gut.

    Tincture time of effect can be 15-30 minutes,

    Oils ingested may take 1-3 hours to effect, or longer, depending on the contents of your stomach.
    If you ingest an oil, and then eat some food, the food seems to kick it into gear faster.

    For expediency I prefer tincture.
  8. What would it matter that it's more concentrated if you took the equivalent amount of cannabis in the butter form? You'd have to eat more butter to get the same amount of cannabis yeah, but I'm asking if you did that why then would the oil be more medicinal? To me it seems like it'd be the same.
  9. The thing is with cannabutter, is you are baking it into other things so i would think that eating a comparable amount of cannabutter would take longer for your body to digest and therefore the THC would be released at a lower rate over a slightly longer period of time where asthe hemp oil you get stronger effect for a short period of time.

    But i am no expert.

    another option would be to eat twice as much weed cookies ;)

  10. A gram of pot is a gram of pot, regardless of what form it's in.

    But hemp oil is concentrated, so you don't have to eat a 1/2 of fatty butter to get the same effects as taking a little bit of the oil. That and the oil probably works a lot faster than the cannabutter.
  11. Yeah I think you're right. With the hash oil I just don't like the idea that if a spark happens to occur in the area or if the fumes aren't ventilated enough that there can be an explosion & that this has killed people before, including a teenager recently. I know that this is avoidable by following safety precautions but I still find it intimidating. Tincure sounds like it could possibly be the best method of ingestion if it has the same medicinal effects as the oil since it supposedly takes a shorter time for the effects to kick in.

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