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is dank really worth the money??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stormc1234, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. hello me and my friends have been having this talk for awhile about dank being worth the money and it always turns out a even vote.Honestly myself i think its not i rather buy a 1/4 to the 1/8 that you recieve with dank.....


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  2. It all depends on what I'm being asked to pay for the dank compared to the mids. For me, it takes too much smoking of mids to get me to a nice high. It's easier to just smoke some dank. It tastes better and you're smoking less garbage and more goodness. Admittedly, there are times when there are some good deals on lesser dank or beasters that I can't pass up, but I prefer the dank. Mids are fun to roll fat blunts with.
  3. depends for what type of high you want, with dank a little goes a long way.

  4. i get high mids for normal price though :)
  5. Yes. The high is sooo much better. I mean if you can get a really good deal on mids or schwag thats cool, but dank all the way.
  6. haha i guess im a jew about my money
  7. Quality>Quanity=Dank>Mids
  8. Just keep track of how much you're smoking when you pick up and figure out your smoking efficiency. I've just found that it's more efficient on my money to pick up dank. The best deal I ever got potency wise was when I was able to just buy straight kief.
  9. Yea I think DANK is worth the money, problem is everyone around here tells me they have dank but I only really belive one kid around here. I assume people do that where you guys are right?
  10. getting stoned off good weed feels so much better.
  11. #11 chi, Feb 21, 2009
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    Everyone has people in their area that will always say something about how dank their stuff is, and how much more dank than it is from last time, and how nobody else's is as dank. You'd think they'd have the dankest buds in the world by this time. :rolleyes:

    @Alexyonfire! - I agree completely. It feels much cleaner. Also, I find that with mids or beasters, I may be able to get a nice high going for a little bit, but it goes away pretty quickly.
  12. Dank is worth the cash, because you get a better, longer lasting high from LESS weed. It's worth it. You smoke too much mids or downright shit weed and you'll feel sick, plus it's worse for your health to smoke so much. Dank all the way, homes.
  13. if i could find dank, i would def buy it. Quality, thats what its alllll about.:smoking:
  14. dank is worth the money to an extent.

    first i used to never pay over 45 and eighth but now people are charging from 50 on up.

    personally if your buying dank for over 50 bucks and eighth your getting ripped off.

    second i really dont like the way mids taste or smell. and the high is a crappy downer high.

    something about smoking dank just makes the sunshine come out in my mind.
  15. Dank provides the most potent and pure high that just blows all other qualities out of the water. Even with dank it may cost more but it can last you just as long or longer if you use it efficiently.
  16. It's definitely better. If it's not within the limits of your budget, then smoke less and treat yourself with dank. Alternatively, move to Canada, where nobody bothers to differentiate between dank and mids, 'cause it's all dank.
  17. yes, dank is worth the money.

    1. High is better
    2. High is longer
    3. Less smokage, but more highage

  18. yeah its just so sketchy cause where i liive we get ripped off all the time with dank

  19. dude omfg canada has the best mids ive ever smoked my dealer got a new batch a couple months back and told me where it was from proud i had no idea..3 bong rips i was gone and we have tolerance
  20. Perfectly said, you can't substitute taste and high for quantity.

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