Is dank a more severe charge than swag?

Discussion in 'General' started by geetardude, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hey,

    I was just reminiscing of an event that happened a couple years back. I was a dumbass and fronted what I THOUGHT was a friend $375 to get me an ounce of White Rhino from her college.

    She ended up saying dude got busted with the pound of White Rhino. So I had nothing. One of my friends who went with her who supposedly verified it, although I can't say I trust him much either, said he got charged with a Class X felony because it was a "special" kind of weed.

    I'm sure that if all this really did happen, he would have gotten a Class X Felony anyway, but I'm just wondering if it's really true that the charge is somehow worse depending on the quality of the marijuana?

    I guess his logic was that when you're dealing Sinsemilla, the authorities think you know a grower? Can anyone comment? Thanks, Blades. :wave:
  2. Nope weed is weed in their eyes, if you get caught with shitty coke would you get charged less than flame coke?
  3. I dont believe that there is a class X felony. Sounds to me like they are blowing smoke up your ass.
  4. Yea, sounds like you got ripped should know the first rule of dealing with that much money


    And about the less severe punishment, when it comes to court and shit, no, it deosnt matter....

    But when pulled over, the cop may decide to be less harsh on you for having shitty weed, or fuck you over as much as possible because you have dankity dank.....but thats not really a set rule, just whether the cop decides to bust you or whatever....
  5. I can't tell if you're using x as a variable for something else or what, but there is no class x felony. I'm pretty positive it's 1-6..
  6. Hey,

    Yeah i'm pretty damn sure I know I got ripped off considering this happened 3 years ago ;)

    As for felonies. In the state of Illinois, to my knowledge, there are Classes 1-4 and Class X. Upon reading, he probably didnt get a damn class X though. Here's a link for Illinois penalties.
  7. Cannabis is Cannabis.

    (To authorities)
  8. No man. Weed is Weed like stated above.

    sounds like they fucked you over man. I suggest You talk to them...
  9. heh. again this happened a long time ago.. why would I even bother? Yeah, because I'm sure she'd give me my 375 even she had it... If I learned anything it's this: Never deal with rednecks.. they're fucking retarted. Almost as retarted as me for fronting the damn 375 in the first place.
  10. Haha, I agree. I used to go to this high school with a whole bunch of red necks, I fucking despise them. Thank god I got the fuck out of that town before my life was completely ruined.
  11. rednecks are the only fucktards that pull this shit though......

    all these hyphy "gangsters" (i use "" cause they arent even gangster, never put in work or anything, just act hella hard) fuckin goin around skimping people on sacks and shit, i bout a "1/4", came out to fuckin 5.5-5.6.........i dont deal with those fuckers......

    But like i said, dont front money, especially THAT much
  12. In my previous criminal justice class i've had two seperate cops say they take quality into consideration. They know the difference between a half Oz of dank and a half Oz of reg. They pretty much said they feel bad for you if it's regs and some will let people go on a warning if it's only a joint's worth or an amount that holds no value to them. I guess some people really have heart and don't want to charge someone cause they got stuck with a dime of stress.
  13. i've had a run in with those types. best ones on the police force.
  14. No, weed is the same to a cop, it doesn't matter if it's schwag or not. Your friends played you and kept your money, sorry dude but they took full advantage of you, I could tell right away from the story. This is why I NEVER give anyone my money to get my herb, I get it and weigh it out myself, herb is too expensive to get fucked around with.
  15. Yeah pretty much weed is weed... although I knew a guy once who got busted with a half ounce of some pretty dank shit and they charged him with having over an ounce. Sometimes I think cops don't even weigh it out, they just eyeball it and take a guess. I've also seen episodes of the tv show Cops where they bust someone who has "extremely high grade exotic marijuana" and go on about how expensive it is. But I don't think they can charge you with anything other than possession of marijuana, whether it's dirt schwag or a cannabis cup winner.
  16. we had the "gangsters" and the real ones when i went to school, and the fake ones got beat down everyday, had fucking shit weed, and everyone hated em...they were a joke....the real ones had weed that not many others could touch, decent prices, and wouldnt fuck you over, just making that money...weird that the fake gangstas hated me, but i got along with the real ones...i was the token white dude and designated blunt roller....
  17. yeah man never front the money.

    I don't care if it was 3 years ago or 3 decades ago, I'd get that 375 one way or another.

  18. And then there are the cops who find a stem in your car, and tow it away.
  19. QFT, yo.

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