Is cotton candy og a hybrid?

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  1. hello GC I got 6 beans from a friend .He wants me to grow some is that strain a 100% autoflower?

  2. Ill go ahead and guess no. Regardless, get them beans growing man!
  3. See if u can find it on I will check too. My guess is it is a hybrid since in my mind's eye all autos are hybrids.
  4. All the cotton candy strains are hybrids but could not find ccOG.
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    Auto flowering is a genetic trait that is acquired by crossing cannabis ruderalis with either sativa or indica. Ruderalis is for lack of a better term low potency ditch weed. They cross it with other species of cannabis in order to improve the potency while maintaining the auto flower trait. So no auto flower that is worth smoking is going to be 100% ruderalis.

    As far as knowing if your seeds are auto seeds or not, that would be information you would normally get from the breeder.

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