Is Cooking Organic Supplements Necessary?

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  1. Is it necessary to let your organic mix sit out in the sun and cook? I understand why it would work better but i dont have time to do that. So, can i just buy the organic supplements and mix them in and throw some on top before watering?

  2. Damn. So I put some worm castings in my starter soil and already have seedlings growing in them. Does this mean that the castings aren't doing anything?
  3. Castings don't burn, so it shouldn't be a problem from those.
    Anything that you put it the soil tho, other than castings, you need to give your microbes to to "work on it" before you pot up into it.
    Organic amendments do nothing for the plants until they're cycled by the microbes in the soil.
  4. Organic amendments "fertilizers" are not water soluble, readily available nutrients - they require breaking down by soil microbes before they will be readily available for use as plant food (which has nothing to do with sitting out in the sun btw) - and can burn your plants if not allowed time to properly cycle.

    Nutrient Cycling time comes down to the viability of the compost and castings that you are using.

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    If you mix the amendments into your soil without allowing them time to cook* you will likely burn your plants, like jerry said. You can however use many organic amendments in act teas, botanical teas, or as top dressings. It's most effective to mix the amendments into your soil ahead of time, but if you simply don't have time to do that this season, you can use the other methods I mentioned. Kelp, alfalfa, and guano can be used in teas or top dressings. You can make act teas to boost microbes with compost and or worm castings and a little molasses. You can feed with fish hydrolysate (or emulsions) and protect silica. You have options to go organic even if you don't have time to cook a soil. Don't let anything discourage you from going organic. Next season you will have more experience with all the amendments and will be ready to mix an awesome soil.
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    I had to transplant into my soil after only 5 days of cycling, so I'll see soon enough what will happen and let you know, but mind you my soil has minimal materials added, thanks to the incompetency of even the most renowned garden center around.
  7. :eek: That could be a BIG problem for the next couple weeks! Did it my very first time trying organics!
    Lets hope not!
  8. They've been in there for about 8 hours or so, no visible signs of stress or burning, so fingers crossed they keep growing like they are! :)
  9. How did ur plants turn out in the uncooked soil mix :confused:
  10. Mine went fine, but my compost wasn't all that active didn't really have many nutrients that could really raise the heat on the compost. 

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