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Is Chronic a sativa or indica?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iMaven, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Yeaa so I wouldn't consider myself an apprentice toker... but i thought maybe this was an apprentice question... and i couldn't find the answer on google (lawl).
  2. chronic means dank or regs
    depends where you live....
  3. idk about you, but where I'm from chronic is just a general term for weed. Not a specific strain or anything.
  4. chronic is the name of a strain. i just don't know off the top of my head what it is.
  5. Well i just found a huge table of multiple strains with the type of high, the scent, and the taste.

    It said Even Body/Head High.
    Could be wrong.. just asying what i read :)
  6. Don't believe everything you find on the internet. Find a reputable source that has been verified by other sources. Chronic is NOT the name of a marijuana strain, just another word for bomb-ass bud.
  7. i dunno bout everywhere else but when I call up someone for chronic down here the dealer always brings me sativas, but then they bring me indicas when i dont ask for chronic
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    Haha that makes no sense! If chronic were the name of the strain... Then the strain's name would be :confused: CHRONIC! Lol sorry, had to point that out though.

    Edit: Sorry, I just realized I'm an idiot and misread your post. You meant that it is a strain and that you just couldn't remember whether it was indica or sativa. Apologies man, my bad.

    I still however have yet to run into a strain named "chronic".
  9. Chronic is just another name for fire ass ganja. You know....Bubonic Chronic...Indonesia.
  10. As was stated earlier, 'chronic' is generally used to refer to high-potency weed. It is independent of sativa/indica denotation, as there are powerful versions of both. Lower potency pot tends to be more indica based, however.
  11. I could have swore I saw some Chronic seeds in a high times one time, but must have just been real stoned. but yeah, where I am chronic is just used to describe dank nuggets.
  12. chronic is a term you use for the shit that's gonna get you flyin.

    chronic > dank.
  13. There are a few BC seedbanks that sell BC Chronic seeds. It's a hybrid, 75%indica/25% sativa. I've never tried it, or even seen it around before, though.
  14. Chronic is slang for good weed. :smoke:

    It is also a strain from Serious Seeds. Check it out here. This says it is an Indica /Sativa hybrid.

    It seems that when something is said to give you a cerebral high, a head high, an up energetic high, something like that, it is mostly sativa. And when it is said to give you a body buzz, or make you stoned, then it is mostly indica. But hell, they write all kinds of stuff in the descriptions of strains, so sometimes who knows.
  15. Haven't you ever listened to the Chronic album? It's obviously Sativa :p
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    I have always heard that Chronic is the term for weed laced with cocaine. But I've never heard that on these forums, so I'm guessing my friends are retarded and it's just a term for good weed that we don't use around here. Kinda like "Dank". Seems to be more of a west coast term.

    Oh and to answer your question, it could be either Sativa or Indica. Both strains have a quality that could be considered Chronic by many lol.
  17. are you all serious? chronic's a strain... check it
  18. Chronic=marijuana.
  19. I've heard chronic used as a term for bud laced with crack.

    But it definitely is a term for good bud.
  20. Wrong.

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