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Is "Cheese" a thing outside of the UK?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AIMBOT_BOB, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. #1 AIMBOT_BOB, Apr 12, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
    Right, i'm smoking on some "Cheese" right now and is personally my favorite kind of weed (even over all them fancy hydroponic, blow your head off buds).
    All I want to know if it's a thing outside of the UK, or even my local area, as i never see anyone on the youtube or nothing smoking on some bog standard cheddah.

    Thought i'd post some snaps seen as everyone else is
    WP_20160205_002[1].jpg IMAG0439[1].jpg
    ^ Terrible trim job -.- Still dank though
  2. Yea but it's pretty mellow compared to other popular strains so it's not grown the taste
  3. Yeah, it's really popular in the UK but it's a thing everywhere if you can order from breeders.

    I grew Exodus Cheese from Green House Seed CO. it's supposed to be from the clone only UK variety but honestly I really doubt it considering GHSC's reputation in the industry (along with personal experience). It was pretty good weed tho this is what it looked like:



    not sure how close it resembles what you are picking up. It was definitely cheese but I'm doubting that it was exodus cheese.
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  4. The #1 UK Cheese was originally grown by some Yardie fellows in Birmingham a few decades back IIRC who went by the name of 'Exodus'. Cuttings were taken and spread around the country, and from there globally. I'm not 100% sure on the genetics, definitely came from Skunk #1 but what else, I'm not sure. Perhaps some Caribbean variety also in included.

    Cheese is everywhere in the UK, has been for the past 5 years or so. Super easy to grow, high yields, small bushy plants, shortish flowering period... It's a commercial growers ideal.

    Nice crop dude.
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  5. heres my dinafem cheese...tasted like cheese funk but who knows 20140907_145131.jpg
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  6. Looks pretty similar, probably is.. Normally, if it dried decent (and isn't so dense you could throw it at someone and knock them out) you can sort of crumble it with your fingers.
  7. That comes by every sort of few months, i think the same must basically own my towns weed distribution because it seems everyone gets the same stuff at the same time.. Either way when it comes around it tends to tear my head off:hello:
  8. UK and cheese are fairly tight with the terminology of location. Skunk is probably #2 used for weed lingo for Europeans near England. But what do I know, I'm American and being smart is forbidden here.

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