Is cannabis communicating with us?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Sanez, May 15, 2018.

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    When we get high, is this an abstract form of language? Are cannabinoids being used as a chemical way of communicating from a phytological to a neurological substrate? Analogous to the way that our brain already uses various chemicals and receptors to communicate with itself?

    Plants have already spent a billion years evolving ways to communicate with eachother through complex networks of signalling that we are only beginning to understand. Wouldn't it be naive to think they aren't reaching out in various ways in an "attempt"---consciously or not---to communicate with us? We reciprocate by cultivating the stains that we "enjoy". This feedback loop might be what enables some form of mutual "understanding" between us.

    If so, what are they trying to "say" in the sense of what information is there in this exchange? How are our experiences connected, or how is that information being transformed and driven by our own perspectives? Are they, in a way, teaching us different modes of thinking? Can we unlock ways for them to teach us more?

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  2. Mate, i wish i was as high as you right now.
    Strangely enough, even without a smoke i do kinda agree with you lol

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  3. I’m extremely blown right now but I’ve always had this thought in the back of my mind :GettingStoned:
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  4. I lead by example:

    I'ts winter I'm im my grow room large and very warm

    I'm on GC and read a noob is wanting to de leaf/defoliate his plants

    My blood pressure increases 10 fold as I try to keep calm and compose my prose

    a fan leaf annoying me for the last 10 minutes is no longer annoying me tickling my right eye

    I look toward that leaf it now about 18 inches from me no exceptions

    even the fan should be blowing in yet another direction

    question :"is that communication ..?

    many noobs here will disagree but thru sly observation these last 40 years

    I gotta ask what else..?

    I chill ..plants all types have been doing real well with out mankind for millions of years

    good luck

    ps I still play Mozart(ugh) to my week old veggers..easy
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  5. Everything is consciousness thus everything is in communication one way or another, but yes, specifically plant and fungi are quite superior in these forms of communication. Modern man is only scratching the surface ;)

    I saved this a while back still blows my mind whoever shared it <3
    Mushrooms told me a story that they were once like us, humanoid. They advanced their technology to a point to where they could coil the entire evolution of their species into an organic container we call a "spore". They did this by decoding their own DNA. Now their technology, being as advanced as it was, couldn't save their planet from the inevitable dying of their sun. So this species decided to seed the Universe with the spores of their race. Spores which are capable of surviving the harshness of space, land on barren planets (or not barren) evolve to the environment (or evolve the environment around them) and begin the long evolutionary process of becoming conscious humanoid entities again.
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  6. I don't know what else you said, but I play classical violin for my plant too.
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  7. You play ? I hear they also like heavy metal.

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  8. Yeah this has definitely been food for thought. We're not allowed to talk much here (what you said is fine, but GC rules prevent talking about that much further) but I've heard similar things out there, and definitely think it makes sense. But I also think there are multiple truths at play, and it only serves to limit ourselves when we reduce our own consciousness to a singular construct, and/or look for one point of genesis. Not saying this is what you're saying, but I sometimes get that vibe from such stories. In my opinion, nobody even knows how to define consciousnesss in any scientifically appropriate way, which is why I tried to carefully leave it out of my original post. But that's really the whole point here isn't it?
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  9. Lol, I read that heavy metal makes plants wilt and die, I actually did a lot of research into this stupid shit lol. I'll have to find the link I saw that on when I get on my PC.
  10. Please send me at least a pound of whatever it is you're smoking. I've never been that high before in my life. Will PayPal $ lol
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  11. Rofl. It's some Krishna Kush from my second grow. Pretty big head high, as breeder puts it at 27% THC. I made some butter but you can have it! It's actually too strong for me lol... IMG_20180422_090247.jpg IMG_20180327_193439.jpg

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  12. Sheesh!
    And people think I'm a nut job when God speaks.
  13. Can't people just get high today without all this touchy feely millennial craziness.
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  14. When a breeder says 27% that doesn't mean the weed you grew was 27%. All that means is that 27% is the highest recorded percentage. Another grower could produce much much less
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    But what do you think? Neither cannabis nor God "speak" to me. To me, "communication" is much more nuanced, without the need for any will nor awareness from either party. Any transfer of "information" from one medium to another can be considered an abstract form of communication.

    For example, your internet router is communicating this sentence to you, by transducing spiking activity within your retinal ganglion cells, which is eventually translated into a higher-level cognitive representation -- but I wouldn't say that your router must therefore be talking to you. This is just physics, and we can apply this thinking to other physical systems as well. I don't think either of us are claiming that we "hear" the words coming from some greater power. Do you?

    Could you please elaborate? I don't like to think with my feelings. I make my living as a theoretical neuroscientist, and so I try my best to ground my experiences in what I've learned and published about how nervous systems and biological substrates in general physically process information. What here is "crazy" or "millenial" or "touchy feely" to you?
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    Yep! That's why I said the breeder reported it at 27%. Not that I grew it at 27%. Still of use to point out sometimes. :smiley-rolling-joint:
  17. Not really. Most breeders info doesn't apply to someone else's grow.
  18. Ya I can elaborate.... Can't people just get high.

    What's millenial or touchy feely? Well that's easy, cannabis is a weed not some alternate being trying to communicate with us. Only a hippy or a touchy feely millenial would think else. I grow and am around weed 24/7, no weed plant has ever held a conversation with me
  19. Honestly I understand exactly what your saying

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    I never said anything about weed talking to me, having a "conservation", or representing some alternate being. These are concepts that you inferred. The same applies to presuming that I'm some hippie or mellenial; I can assure you that I'm neither. These are labels that you are placing on others. By your own admission, you've labelled me this way solely on the basis of what you think I'm saying.

    To be clear, all that I am suggesting is that we be more open-minded in how we think about the definition of communication as a physical transfer of information -- represented in some arbitrary form -- and how this information might be perceived by our experiences at levels that we might not even consciously access.

    My question to you: why can't we as humans try to understand eachother's perspectives, without jumping to conclusions about what view they are supporting? Or, at the very least, without attaching labels to the people that have differing perspectives?

    Can't people just get high? Sure. But that doesn't mean people can't also philosophisize about the nature of their experiences as well. We're always doing something when we're high, and those experiences are shaped in some manner, regardless of whether we recognize it at some level. Even if the thoughts that you have are different from mine in some important way, I would never suggest that you shouldn't be doing the things that you do while stoned.

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