Is Brooke Greenberg A Living God?

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  1. Brooke appears to be a normal 6 month old infant, though she'll be celebrating her 19 year birthday next year. Some doctors say that a millennium will pass on earth before she hits 30 by her own age some others say they have no idea of her life expectancy.

    Not only this but strange unexplained medical emergencies and mystries surround her, as Brooke seems to be able to fully heal herself. She had seven perforated stomach ulcers. She also suffered a seizure. This was followed by what was later diagnosed as a stroke; weeks later, no damage was detected. At age five, Brooke had a mass in her brain that caused her to sleep for 14 days. The doctors diagnosed the mass as a brain tumor. However, Brooke later awoke, and physicians found no tumor present. Brooke's pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence Pakula, states that the source of her sudden illness remains a mystery.


    Your thoughts? :confused:
  2. So that's where my daughter went. What do I have to do to keep a kid around here? I've already tried nailing one to some boards, what next?!
  3. That was quite an interesting read. Maybe her body can heal so good because there is much less body mass to heal because of her incredibly small size that she can naturally heal faster. Just a high thought.
  4. The human body is such a mysterious thing.

    This is a very strange and interesting condition.
  5. perhaps her body produces a lot of stem cells
  6. She's a witch! Burn her!!
  7. clearly she is the offspring of aliens who crossed species with her mother :rolleyes:
  8. Woah.

    She's basically mentally retarded but she can heal herself of anything?? Respect...
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    Actually she is not mentally retarded, she just hasn't grown out of her infant years which may or may not take 30 years until her body and mind turn 1. Think of it as humans in dog years.

  10. She sounds like a prime example of retardation. She is 19 yet her body and mind have been retarded to that of a infant. O snap this could turn out to be some weird chris hansen shit.

    Retard :
    To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.
    v.intr.To be delayed.
    n.1. A slowing down or hindering of progress; a delay.
  11. So... that means... shes... of... legal age...


  12. :eek: you might be right? lol

  13. leave it to you to think of that. Legally fuck an infant.:cool:
  14. you guys are cruel and disgusting

    nah jk id hit that.
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    You want to know whats messed up? I received username bans from two other forums for putting this thread up. One from a Catholic forum their reason is they called my thread spam and another different forum which they never gave a reason.

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