Is Attractiveness An Indicator Of Craziness? You Be The Judge

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  1. IDK why, but this thought came to me today.
    Looking back on my dating experiences,  i've come to the conclusion that a lot of attractive females are either certifiably crazy or just plain delusional. When i say delusional, i mean that they think the world has another set of rules just for them because they have a big rack and a pretty face. Does anyone else believe this to be true?

  2. Welp, since I'm certified crazy and a girl, I think I can answer this.

    1. No
    2. Sometimes

    1. I know plenty of ugly girls who are crazy as hell. I think women in general are kind of crazy I've never really seen attractiveness affect a woman's amount of crazy.

    2. I know some gorgeous women who are down to earth and laid back. They're the sweetest girls I've ever met. Then some girls are entitled as fuck. I't doesn't matter how hot they are but I would say that super hot girls tend to feel more entitled because guys tend to kiss their ass.

    It's men's fault. Treat women well based on how they treat you. Don't treat them well just because they're pretty.
    I  totally agree with that statement.
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    Id say at a percentage OP your right, but alot of crazy bitches like ^^^ said above, go around flaunting their stuff and literally impose that "you want a piece of me cause im sooooo hawt!". even though they are not The girls that are truly attractive may dress nice and show off the goods but they arent imposing such a crazy attitude.
    It may be mens fault but if the girl keeps acting like that whilst even meeting a guy that doesnt "drool" over her like a chump, he may still be subjected to the "special rules" you say. Its all in the social environment...understand this and realize you cant change everyone.
  5. Its all daddy issues..constant need for approval
  6. I'm not out to change the world lol. Chicks are going to do whatever has worked for them to get what they want. It's just a pain trying to sort out the mild crazy from the hardcore crazy.

    A lot of females these days are "broken" imo.

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  7. It's all in the eyes. I can tell a chick is going to be crazy because she'll have a crazy look in her eyes, crazy chicks would probably be a real good lay though :D
  8. Some of em can do some shit in the bed. Great for a fling, but anything serious isn't worth it. I used to be married to one lol

  9. My ex was sexy, but she spazed out one time time when she made me dinner and I wanted to put ketchup on the chicken, she also stabbed some dude in the head with a fork. Pussy was top notch though hahaha.
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    You need to go out there and figure out a "test" to run on them. What I do if I cannot pick it up quickly/automatically, I'll ask them some questions about themselves and see how they respond....very simple. The answers she gives you can then get a feel for how shes operating up there.
    Great for a fling but you better be wearing a stab proof polo or something LOL
  11. The two hottest chicks ive ever dated were seriously fkn crazy man.

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  12. My ex was gorgeous and had a lot of mental issues. Ended up staying in a mental hospital for a week after we broke up haha. So yeah, I think so in a lot of cases. Some girls can't handle being attractive, it goes to their head because society basically gives them everything and they don't develop in ways they need to.
    What if you're trying to get to know her and ask her a question about herself and she hits you back with "I don't like talking about myself."  Then what do you do?
  15. ego. its a motherfucker.
  16. FIFY
    What the heck is fify?

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  17. What does ego have to do with anything?

    when is the ego not present? especially when it comes to attractive people..
  19. when is the ego not present? especially when it comes to attractive people..
    Gotcha. I didn't quite know how to read your comment. :)

    fixed it for ya

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