Is anyone here going to hempfest?

Discussion in 'General' started by Equake, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. So this will be my first year going to hempfest at Seattle (for those who don't know) and I really don't know alot of what goes down at hempfest except for smoking alot of bud. So I was curious as to if anyone could explain it?
  2. Last year I went for both days, and for my first time. Dont be sketched out just because the people at the gate check your bag, they dont care. :) Trust me.
    Go to the main stage, at 4:20. Throw out Joints n such.
  3. Sounds pretty bad ass, but by check your bags, is that all they do? Like is it no questions asked, or what?
  4. Nope, its just people that volunteered to be apart of hempfest, they dont care they are all about spreading the word :smoking:
    Theres cops there, but they dont do much but ride around on horses. Last year I watched some one give one of the horses a "treat". After it kicked in the cop knew because the horse wouldant get off its seat, its was pretty comical.
  5. hell yeah im going to hempfest. last year i smoked copious amounts of bud hah and my homeboy accidentally broke his bong on the waterfront rocks:hello:
    you'l see cops rarely, but even then they wouldnt do anything
  6. dont worry about the people checking bags at the front they are only there for weapons.

    there are different stages different head shop and food stands plus people selling brownies everywhere.

    tons of smoking no cop beef.

    its awesome
  7. I may go, I'm heading up to Tacoma that same week to visit some family, and Seattle isn't too far. I'm not sure what my excuse would be, "I'm going up to seattle to get high as fuck." Then again I totally get the smoker vibe from my aunts boyfriend:rolleyes:

    So if they found weed and a pipe in my bag it's be chill?
  8. I might be able to go. It sounds cool enough.
  9. I really want to go but I've no one to go with! If you want an a random friend hit me up! lol. No, I was going to go with a good friend of mine but she has to work that weekend.

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