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Is anyone else positively obsessed & addicted?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. This might seem weird but I LOVE Marijuana, not just getting high, I like researching about it, educating myself and other people about it. I like paraphernalia, movies, sketches, everything!

    What I mean by addicted is that, whenever you get a chance, and you LOVE the feeling and always seem to want to do it wherever you go although, if you would like to blaze but you don't have weed or you don't feel like it you don't just go out your way to get high just for the sake of it.

    Literally the holidays are coming up and next Friday is the end of my 3 month T-Break, woo! :p and I know for a fact I will be toking nearly every single day but remaining motivated and not just a lazy mess.

    For some reason I talk about it quite a bit and love discussions about it, so I ask you fellow blades, what is your relationship with MaryJane like? :smoke: take care guys!
  2. I would venture to say that a lot of people on this forum also really like weed.

  3. Instead of trying to get likes, how about less of the 'smart ass' comments and be a little bit more humble! :smoke:
  4. I'm right there with you man.
  5. #5 ghostonvacation, Mar 23, 2012
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    I am just saying man, people are on this forum because they are enthusiastic about bud, just like I am. And you are, its all good :D
  6. anything that has to do with the herb . i like
  7. Marijuana in my opinion is like nothing known to man, It's something that offers so many benefits and not many negatives, It's amazing, I guess im the same way too...
  8. I love everything except the illegal culture. I'm not a criminal yet I have a criminal record, if you don't get it just think about it.

    Yes, technically I'm a criminal but in my mind weed isn't illegal so they can shove it.
  9. I look at my bud in a jar and think "it looks so amazing I dont even wanna smoke it.." then i think "wait, ya I do." then i look at the jar again.
  10. Mary is my number 1 girl. Still waiting for girl to knock her off her pedestal.
  11. Yeah I know what you mean. I love researching weed and other similar things. Would love to buy more awesome pieces and paraphernalia. I just find it something that's fun to think about and such even though I rarely smoke more than once a week
  12. Im pretty about it now that I think about it

  13. Good response man. I've noticed an awful lot of people like that, recently.
  14. Ya I know exactly how you feel and I'm the same way haha. I actually enjoy learning new things about marijuana and trying to use marijuana in different ways, like with edibles or hash. I also enjoy pretty much anything about marijuana, whether its some stupid comedy about pot heads, or a documentary about it.
  15. Everyone here is addicted, face it.

    But you're also addicted to phones, friends, family, your pet, favorite clothes...

    Dominate your mind and it will be liberating!

    Example: 'I NEED another bowl', BE dominant not your mind and say 'no I'm good'.
  16. I know how you feel man, I love talking bout it, seeing it, smelling it! Mary Jane <3

    I spent an hour or so talking to someone on modern warfare 3 about weed! I love meeting people that love the bud as much as i do. :smoke:
  17. As for being obsessed and reading about it, it can be good.

  18. You can't be on a marijuana forum and not have a sense of humor... Lighten up dudes:smoke:

    I also love everything to do with it. Such a versatile little plant, been a good friend to me, in many ways, throughout the years
  19. How are people so weak minded I haven't smoked for like a month and :confused_2:

    Bud is just bud, it's absolutely nothing compared to my 2 pack a day cigarette addiction which I got rid of and to this day I have nightmares about it, I'm not even kidding bros.

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