Is anybody here a professional?

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  1. Is anybody here a professional? As in, no other income, all you do is play poker to pay the bills?
  2. It's all I've been doing for a little while.
  3. I'm a professional bullshitter.
  4. For the last week or so it has been my only income. Not bad at all!
  5. I wouldn't say I'm a pro by any means but ive been a jobless college student for a bit and managed to generate good income from using ko type counting in blackjack. Average win would get 4-600 so it was comparable to a low paying job.

    Ive made money and lost money playing cash games and tournaments at local casinos but poker can be such a grind.

    Ever hear of don Johnson? Guy just took over 6 million from ac Tropicana's like 2 weeks ago and is like +30million this year alone playing blackjack basic strategy.. He alone put them in the red for a mounth and got trops casino manager fired.. Must be nice
  6. I have been a professional player and coach for the past 3 years

    I focus mainly on 6m-9m sngs and mtts (online player)

    I have focused a bit more on live mtts over the past year due to the gov shutting down stars and tilt (almost a year do date)
  7. [quote name='"CircleOf5ths"']I have been a professional player and coach for the past 3 years

    I focus mainly on 6m-9m sngs and mtts (online player)

    I have focused a bit more on live mtts over the past year due to the gov shutting down stars and tilt (almost a year do date)[/quote]

    Do you find a big difference between live MMTs andplaying one online?
  8. Yes, even leaving mtts out of it, there a vast amount of differences between the two forms of poker.

    In general, the live play is way softer as the population tendency is just atrocious.

    In live tournaments, 3bet bluffing works a whole lot more (especially in buy ins $60-$500) as it's just a foreign concept to all the old Limit players. They can't seem to get used to no limit and just bleed chips away.

    However, just because your winrate will be higher live, does not mean your hourly will be.

    For example, your ROI (return on investment) in a $200 mtt, could be around 80%. So, on average, for every mtt you play, you earn $160 in expectation. If your average run time for a live mtt such as this is 7 hours, then you are making about $22/hour.

    Now, because there is much more volume to be had online, in many cases it will be more profitable.

    For example, I play across 4-5 different sites up to 12 tables at a time now. I can play maybe 30 tournies a day with an abi of 45 (average buy in). Given online play is a bit tougher, my roi will most likely be in the 50% range. However, because i am playing $1350 in buy ins, that results in a daily expectation of $675. So even if that takes me 15 hours to play, my hourly will still be twice that of a live tournament.

    One also has to consider the opportunity cost of travel when playing live, eating horrible food, being around miserable gambling degenerates (it gets annoying after a while), longer time between weed breaks (lol). Also due to cool programs like holdem manger and poker tracker, it is waaaay easier to break down and analyze your game online to make sure you are playing correctly. This ensures confidence when you are playing, which is absolutely vital in poker.

    With all of that being said, it is certainly fun to exercise live reads and explore the psychology of live poker a bit more.

    On a side note, definitely a funny thing you can observe. During any live tournie series, when you come to a break between levels, you'll see all the online poker kids rush to rooms/cars to blow down hard. If you are ever out of weed, just go ask the kid with Dr. Dre beats, a hoodie, glasses, and a nice watch.
  9. Would growing for a living mean a professional grower, regardless of the finesse of talent?
    No, I don't grow for a living, just wondering.
  10. No, I am not a professional.
  11. This makes me want to start getting into poker again.

    I don't know if i want to make gambling a part of my life though.
  12. If you think of it as gambling then you don't know enough.
  13. Who can recommend an online site for NLHE & Omaha 8 or better. I prefer online rooms with a large player pool & plenty of action. I prefer playing with Asians & Euro's.
    If you can't recommend a online room how about a strategy for getting into the bigger sites that have locked out American players.
    I was thinking of joining a proxy website that would give me a non-American web address allowing me to play money games. Would that work.
    Thanks guys & Cheers:D
    God d*mn I miss poker:(
  14. Well i make enough that if i played all the time i wouldnt have to work, but i like work so i do both, work pays the bills, poker buys me stuff :)
  15. I clean up on zynga and would love to play professionally some day
  16. well...i won 2200 dollars last night on a online tournament :)
    thats about 3 weeks of work for me haha.
  17. [​IMG]

  18. Haha first big win in awhile :) usually its a bunch of small wins but yeah im stoked.
  19. I paid for college with my earnings. but haven't played since. atm I don't trust money online and its not worth it to drive out to the casinos. one day ill get back into it, one day.

  20. i stick with party poker for that same fear and i wont deposit large amounts and i withdraw once i hit a couple hundred dollars.
    When i won that tourny last week i got the check mailed immediately hahaha.

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