Is an ionizer necessary?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by trchd1, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I was getting ready to get me one of those cooling tower fans that oscilate and they have one that has an ionizer. Would an ionizer help or hurt my plants ??:confused: I have a 4x2.6x7 growroom
  2. If no one else is going to smell it, dont worry about it. But most likely you'll need it. It doesn't hurt.
  3. Are you sure it wont effect the flavor or smell of the buds after harvest?:confused: Iv'e already got a negative air system that pretty much takes care of the odor problem with my carbon scrubber so I'm not really worried about the smell:smoke:
  4. how in the hell would an ionizer affect the taste and smell of your plants. an ionizer traps charged particles in the air ... because it itself is charged and opposite charges attract
  5. Yeah they mainly force dust floating in the air to drop to the ground so could be good for helping keep mould spores down too.

  6. You can bag it and sell it to the guy who thinks that dumping dust and trash on your plants increases potency and yield. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Have you seen that one yet?
  7. yeaah I ionizer's wont effect taste whatsoever.. I think you might be thinking about ONA gel. I heard that can effect taste..
  8. Thanks Guys. I'm getting the ionizer ;)
  9. ionizers don't do anything but add a positive charge to the air.. that makes the dust particles cling to a dust collector... this will not, as far as i know, scrub the air enough.... worth a shot though

    my buddy's house smelled like dirty diapers(there were dirty diapers under the couch) .. he put in a ionizer and two days later, when i went back, it smelled super clean in his house

    so worth a shot.. just wouldn't sink tons of money expecting results.. just in case

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