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Is an Herb Grinder a necessity?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OCMS, May 28, 2010.

  1. Is it a must have to you? I used to have one i got from a friend (people steal!!!) But now i just use my fingers.... Its easy but a grinder was way easier and "Kaught da Kief" lol.

    So what are your opinions on the herb grinder?:confused_2:
  2. i dont think its a must have but defiantly a plus
  3. Well I just got one and I have to say, no it's not a necessity. It makes things a hell of lot easier, especially if you're smoking and breaking up buds on the go. Although it saves kief and other parts of the plant you would be losing to the air or your hands I wouldnt say its a necessity unless you are really trying to get all the thc or at least have kief.

    That would be the only reason. I can grind up herb just as good if not better with scissors(thats not to say easier though) than my sharpstone grinder
  4. used to have a cheap one, but now i dont, i like them for mids but i enjoy breaking the dank down by hand
  5. I just bought my first good herb grinder a few mounths ago and I am so glad I did. I can do it by hand, and I can do it with the scissors on my Gerber Flik, but me new 4 peice titanium herb grinder is so much better, way faster, way easier, and better results. Or you can use electric coffee grinders they work great too, I recomend Krups brand coffee grinders I used one for years.

    Some people do prefer to do it by hand still, and I can respect that.
  6. Grinders are awsome to have if you smoke daily, I lost mine but im getting a new one in a few days I cant wait!! so annoying to not have one.
  7. I prefer the method of breaking bud by hand but I will soon be buying a grinder just to save the kief...
  8. I just got myself a sharpstone grinder which arrived Wednesday. The first time I used it, I was able to top my third bowl off with kief in my vapor bros. I used to always break up by hand and after a while it got to be a pain since it would get sticky. IMO it is really worth it to get one.
  9. grinders aren't necessary unless you buy in weight a lot. Breaking up an eighth in a grinder saves tons of time. But if you just buy grams at a time, there's no point.
  10. its only neccesary if you smoke joints or .5+ at a time, when I use my pipe I'll smoke .2 and a grinder is to much effort for a tiny bit of keif so I just use my fingers.

    for joints or .5+ a grinder is a must have.
  11. I have a OCD like thing I guess..and for some reason am in love with saving kief to see how much I can get, although I just started smoking again and am only at 1.4 grams of it. I will always use a grinder, no matter how much I smoke. I had a gas staton 4 peice grinder I got for 12 bucks but compared to my Sharpstone it was trash. I am in love with my new SharpStone grinder, just the fact alone it can grind a gram and still have room in it to shake around is fucking lovely. I use a grinder, even if I am grinding just one bowl pack. Kief adds up, and boy when I start getting a ton of that shit I'll be fucking stoked.
  12. i think a grinder is a necessity if you vape because you want to get your bud to a very very broken up almost powder like for forms of smoking i dont think it is a necessity, just very convenient
  13. I've never used one. I have a small smoothie blender and I've used that 3 or 4 times. Not sure if it's the same result, but it's good.

    First time rolling I used an electric clipper and I'm pretty sure I smoked my own body hair since I realized that after I smoked I didn't clean it thoroughly enough :(
  14. I like to use my grinder for loading bong bowls or huge bowls in a pipe, or for joints....if its just a regular pipe bowl...ill use my hands hahahhaha
  15. I love my grinder.. gets the bud to the perfect consistency for any type of blazing. If I break it up by hand, it won't burn as evenly or keep a cherry as well as grinding.

    But...It's not a necessity, I think it's just very convenient and practical.
  16. Its a must have for me! If i dont have it ill shoot myself.
  17. I feel like I conserve weed with my grinder. I can put a little nug in there, grind it up, take it out, and it will be a lot more than I expected. If I had just broken that same nug up by hand, it would not have been as fine, and therefore not able to be layed out across a blunt paper. Then again, I suck at breaking it up by hand. i've always used a grinder.
  18. i wub my sharpstone.
  19. There are very things in life that are necessity's, grinders are not one at all, but in the smoking world grinders are very useful and better to have bit you still don't need them. Breaking bud up with your fingers will loose you a bunch of thc because thc is obsorved by body heat, I would recommend getting one..
  20. I'm far too lazy to break bud up by hand several times a day, so yes, in my opinion a grinder is essential. :smoking:

    Especially as I always smoke spliffs, my grinder gets the weed to a perfect consistency for burning in a spliff. :hello:

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