Is America heading towards a more lefitst government?

Discussion in 'General' started by Slooderdodor, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. First, lets talk Bernie Sanders. I gotta say I will explain myself a little bit and why I may have my personal reasons for how I speak like I do. But Bernie Sanders. I live in Iowa. I traveled the country. I got to see the 2016 primaries for what they were. It blew my mind. This shit is fucked up my friends. But in 2020, I think Sanders is gonna run again. Or we are going to see Warren or Gabbard, other pretty leftist people. What are your opinions when it comes to where the United States is heading? I think Trump only won because during the primaries Clinton was given debate questions before hand (proven through wikileaks) and the media and DNC helped ensure she won over Sanders. I think had Sanders won the primaries in a fair primary, he would have easily beat Trump. Do you think we are seeing a rising of the people of the United States start to care and really start to fight for policies that help us all?
  2. The only thing the government is concerned about is maintaining and expanding their power. No matter who is the POTUS, this will always be the case.
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  3. Seems like they're attempting to take down a lot of their power by continuously cutting social security programs and healthcare programs, which a good majority of Americans use, and as a result, a good majority of Americans will no longer want said people in power anymore.

    It seems like they really like to push their limits and see just how far they can go before people will get upset to the point of not voting for them anymore.
  4. Can you give a couple of examples of policies that help us all?
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  5. I fully agree with that. Too many people are blind and cannot see it though.
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  7. Not trying to offend anyone but both sides have become rather cancerous. Or maybe cringey is a better word. Honestly I don't really trust politicians anymore. Sanders lost me when he started telling people to vote for Clinton. I don't like trump, def don't like Clinton.

    Get the rich man out of our government offices!
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  8. More like leftish.

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