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Is all Kief the same?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cothrantyson, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. #1 cothrantyson, Mar 24, 2012
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    I was just wondering if all kief is the same. I originally bought my grinder that had a kief compartment, and used it to grind up the quad of mids that I had bought. I ended up using the grinder all the way unitl I finished the mids, so my kief compartment had a pretty decent amount of kief in it, which I still have not taken out. However, now I scored a great hook up and picked up an oz of some super dank looking white widow buds. So, I want to know if the kief from the white widow will be any better than the kief from the mids, as I want it to be as pure as possible, and I plan on taking the kief from the mids out if I do not believe it will be as dank. does anyone have any suggestions? also, I have never smoked kief some more, so if anyone could tell me how it feels compared to normal bud, that would be great!
  2. Lol you accidentally said will the white widow kief be better than the white widow kief.
  3. kief is kief man, although you will get more from the dank
  4. yeah you'll just get MORE from the dank.. it's kind of all the same, but the mids kief is probably gonna taste like mids

    I'd seperate em just for that, the taste
  5. id imagine the white widow keif would give you differant/better effects just because it was grown better than the mids but not really sure on that one.
  6. I'm pretty sure kief from dank would be slightly more potent, but not by much.

    As others said, you'll simply get more kief off dank than off mids.
  7. Great question. I think kief is all pretty much the same. Im not a scientist though so im not 100% sure.
  8. It depends, if you get a little plant matter in there too, that will affect. I gotta believe kief is mostly the same though.
  9. Wow some misinformation in here.

    Of course the keif from the good shit will be much better than the mids. The same way the good bud is better than the mids.

    The trichomes (keif) are what gets you high not the plant material.

    Kief is NOT all the same. Far from it. Varies as widely as does different types of bud.
  10. Wouldn't you just get more kief from DANK because their is more trichome? Isnt a trichome and trichome?

    I would think more trichomes = get higher

    Less trichomes = need to smoke more since their is less trichomes on the bud

    dank always has a lot more trichomes then mids.
  11. [quote name='"YoSmokinMan"']Wow some misinformation in here.

    Of course the keif from the good shit will be much better than the mids. The same way the good bud is better than the mids.

    The trichomes (keif) are what gets you high not the plant material.

    Kief is NOT all the same. Far from it. Varies as widely as does different types of bud.[/quote]

    False. There is thc and other things in the bid itself. The kief is just more potent than the rest of the plant.
  12. C'mon guys, learn about how cannabis works.

    The trichomes are glandular, better weed tends to have a higher glandular content of thc and other cannabinoids than worse weed. So therefore, not only does the better bud have a higher trichome count, its trichomes glands are more full of goodies that get you high!
  13. like the other guy said, the thing that seperates mids from dank is thc content pretty much, ofcourse you can count cbd and all the other cannabinoids, but thc is the mian componant.
    And as youu said, its the kief that gets you high, not the bud. So kief falls of Bud A, and kief falls of bud B, its the same stuff.

    But what you said about kief not being the same is true, on each strain, the trichome heads are slightly different sizes, that why where you make bubble hash, some buds will have the most yield at like 70 micron, and another stain with have the most yield at 100 micron
  14. Kief is deffinitly not all the same.. Some is different colours, different highs. I would take the kief from the mids out and put it aside then save the white widow kief and put that aside too.
  15. I imagine the kief from the mids will be more 'stoney' because most mids are grown from Indica dominant plants.

    With that in mind, the WW kief will be slightly more potent per unit (at least on paper), but not significantly enough to care.

    I'd think the Mid kief might even 'feel' more potent, because in my experience, indica highs are much more invasive and noticeable.

    If it were me, I'd leave the kief in there, and get to grinding, you have 28 grams ahead of you! :smoke:
  16. Kief is certainly NOT!! all the same!

    It is just as unique as the plant you got it from.. trichomes from different strains contain varying amounts of THC, CBD, the other primary and lesser cannabinoids, and a hugely varying array of terpenes, all of which interact with one another to control, regulate, and provide unique experiences... you can have virtually-impotent kief, and HUGELY potent kief, entirely depending on its source.

    I would absolutely separate and keep the lower-quality kief far away, from that of higher quality bud. :)
  17. ^^ Thanks. Learn something new everyday :)
  18. I don't think it is at all. The trichomes do actually give you a different high depending on when they're harvested, i.e the amber coloured trichomes give a slightly different effect than milky trichomes. So no.
  19. the maturity of the bud depends on the high you will get from the keif, and the strain like other people have said
  20. woops, thanks for pointing that out!

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