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Is about 2 liters of water enough to dilute a urine sample?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by tokinbud192, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I drank almost a whole 2 liter sprite bottle filled with water to dilute my urine test. Would this be enough? I also drank an 8 0z glass too

  2. When'd you smoke? When is the test? Are you physically active? How much do you smoke? These are required to come to a conclusion. It can take anywhere between 5 days or a month to get THC out of your system, depending on your lifestyle.
  3. If it's a drug test for say, probation dont even try to dilute ur urine. it is almost a guaranteed failure. If it is for a at home drug test than dilute ur urine as much as u want. I dunno how much water is needed to dilute urine tho.

    Edit: Also it is sometimes worse to get a positive due to dilution.

    My little brother tried to dilute his urine and they are throwing him in juvy cause of it.
  4. Like he said, if it's a legit drug test, work/PO, you gonna fail. But depends on when you smoked, like the dude above the dude said. Is your metabolism high? Are you fat as fuck? or Skinny? when'd you last smoke is really important, and how avid of a smoker are you.

    From what my cuz' tells me (he's told when his tests are) his PO does a swab test, and he goes in high as fuck, gargles hydrogen peroxide and it fucks the test up. he's been on probation for like 7 years... never quit smoking cept when he got on it, and now is given 3 or four tests every year, once every 3-4 months, never failed so what ever hes doing is working, hes high as fuck errr day all day.

    Good luck sir... hit the treadmill, drink cranberry juice, niacin pills, and pray lol
  5. Yeah getting caught diluting your urnine = time away

  6. this. the sooner we can understand your situation the sooner you'll know if you're gonna get in trouble.

  8. No, don't try
  9. no.

    and what you're failing to understand is the simple fact that drinking water alone may not affect a drug test, there are a multitude of factors that go into it.

  10. Dilute? Yes.

    Will this mean you "pass" the test? Fuck no.

  11. titcr
  12. how do you get caught diluting it? couldnt you jsut claim to be a big water drinker

  13. This isn't true, although this may be the case with some people who don't smoke very often and/or have a weight problem but i passed my 2nd drug test by drinking 4 desani water bottles hours prior to my drug test, i had smoked a couple bowls just the day before AND took two xanex, i came up clean AND my probation officer changed the terms of my probation and now i only get tested once a month. :] Im 19, 6'2 and weigh 140 pounds, i work out at least 3 times a week, including cardio workouts.

    So it's not impossible, but its very risky to say the least.

  14. you get caught diluting it when you piss out plain water.

    you can say whatever you want but they will either flag you as failing or make you sit for an hour and retake it. either way, you'll probably fail it.

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